Welp, that Didn’t Last Long! (Bump in the) #RoadtoFitness

It’s Monday, which means Kelly and I are supposed to be posting a review of a new gym or fitness class around Atlanta for you to check out. This week is going to be a little different.

It’s crazy to think that we are at our five month blogging milestone – it’s even crazier to think that we have been on our #RoadtoFitness for that long. We’ve made a ton of progress – both of us can say we have more energy and feel much better on a daily basis (woohoo!) But we’ve also hit some bumps along the road. For me, quitting Weight Watchers after only two months is one of those bumps.


When I first started I was super passionate about the program. I was obsessive about tracking my food and found myself eating SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously guys, I was like a salad, water, exercise machine. At the time, I was only traveling a little bit for work, had my house and laundry situation under control, and the weather was finally warm enough for me to spend lots of time exercising outside. I was a MACHINE. Then life happened. I was gone for almost two weeks straight traveling for work, the fridge was  empty and my husband was buying my love with Mexican food dates and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (extremely effective. Love that man!)

Haha! well if i didn't look fat like this i might say the same thing but i don't haha but it does suck!

I slipped. And not the once or twice a week slip where you don’t track your food and have to go back and think “did I have those three cups of cottage cheese and six margaritas on Monday? Or was that Friday?” Those slips I could handle. Heck, they were even motivating. This was the “I haven’t tracked in two weeks, ate out for every meal, can’t remember which city I’m in or what I had for breakfast 15 minutes ago” slip. Weight Watchers was a dark cloud over my head. I felt like that darn tracker was judging me. I would get notifications on my phone every day that said “hey, you are terrible at Weight Watchers. Such a disgrace.” And “your lack of commitment to this program rivals that time you went vegetarian for two days in high school to avoid eating pork chops for dinner.” Or at least that’s how I interpreted them.

lol, dieting sucks.

So, I quit. You may be thinking “this is the wrong attitude” or “that’s how the program WORKS! Embrace the guilt!” And you may be right. But I don’t regret my choice one bit. It just wasn’t for me. It worked while I had the time to devote to it, but now I don’t. And I want to be able to go out to dinner and enjoy it – not be stressed about tracking how many points were in the blue cheese chips appetizer I just demolished while Stripes was in the bathroom (you snooze, you lose!)

So no more Weight Watchers. You won, Jessica Simpson. Now I’m going to go eat a brownie without worry how that will screw-up my points balance. So maybe I am the real winner here after all…


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