Shaking and Quaking at Barre3, Road to Fitness Chapter 13

Peachtree Roadies Barre3

Shakes and quakes – that’s what you can expect at Barre3 in South Buckhead and I’m not talking about earthquakes (which I’m sure you gathered…). So what exactly is Barre3? “Where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates.”

According to the website: “We draw from multiple influences to create innovative classes that focus on length, grace, and a healthy body. Sadie Lincoln, barre3 founder, works closely with a team of experts including yogis, professional dancers, doctors, and athletes to craft highly efficient workouts. Focusing on a unique combination of dynamic movement and isometric holds, the sequences work strategically to transform the body and develop long term postural benefits.”

Peachtree Roadies Barre3

The first Barre3 studio opened in 2008 and they are just starting to make their mark on the Atlanta-area with their new studio in South Buckhead on Peachtree in Brookwood Hills neighborhood. The studio is beautiful, and while much smaller than the Exhale studio, there is a ton of natural light (which I love!), which makes it feel very open and spacious – meaning you don’t get the same cramped feeling like you do at Pure Barre. Although, the window looks right up to the rooftop restaurant across the street and I would obviously much rather be sipping a cocktail on the porch than working out, but such is life.

Peachtree Roadies Barre3

The studio owners, Katie and John, are also fabulous! So nice and accommodating. I mean they even have childcare in their studio – that is unheard of unless you’re going to the Y! We got to take our first class with Katie and she definitely made us work, but also made sure to speak to everyone before the class began about any injuries or sore spots. You don’t get that one-on-one treatment everywhere and as I get, ahem, older, I can’t overdo it like I used to without getting injured. They are super quick to offer modifications if you look like you’re hurting, and don’t make you feel bad if you are doing the same thing as your neighbor – we all have different bodies, right?

Peachtree Roadies Barre3


Peachtree Roadies Barre3

As a former ballet dancer, I love that they focus so much on posture in their classes! I have had the worst posture since I gave up dancing and sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help. The movements they stress in their classes are meant to counteract the slumped over positions we are often in most of the day and really help with posture. While most of the moves may not seem that strenuous when you first start, after a couple of minutes you are sure to be shaking and quaking – apparently that’s a good thing though! And forget using anything above a 1lb weight as you’re starting out. I even have to drop my weights at times because my arms are literally burning.

Peachtree Roadies Barre3

I also have some back pain issues and they are SUPER accommodating to helping you with that. They are big advocates of using the core ball to protect the lower back if you need a modification. In the classes we’ve been to, we used the ball, light weights, barre and mat (and you don’t have to wipe down your mat at the end – they take care of it for you!). The 60 minute-class actually goes by faster than I would have thought and the instructors talk you through every second and the great playlist keeps you energized.

Peachtree Roadies Barre3

The great news is that they are offering a great 3 for $30 deal for new clients for one-time only, which I highly recommend if you want to give it a try. Individual classes are $20 each and they have a number of packages for 5, 10, 20 and 30 classes which range in price from $90, $170, $320, and $450, respectively. Also, THROUGH TODAY ONLY, they are offering an unlimited monthly membership for $125/month for “founding members.” If you live nearby and think you’d go 3-4 times a week – this deal is a no-brainer!

Peachtree Roadies Barre3

Location: 10 – I timed it and the studio is 5 minutes door-to-door with no traffic from my house, so probably one of the best locations for me. It’s located on Peachtree right between Buckhead and Midtown, so good in-between location for the two areas.

Instructor: 10 – I’ve had Katie (the owner) and Jessica, and they were both wonderful. They really do talk you through every move and are so quick to help with modifications. The smaller class size allows for that one-on-one attention and they are happy to provide it!

Workout: 8 – Similar to Pure Barre, it’s not cardio-heavy at all, so you’re not going to work up a big sweat, but the small, precise movements are SO.MUCH.HARDER. than they look! I’m sure people walking by the window going to Chipotle are like, “pssh, that doesn’t look so hard,” but oh how WRONG they are 🙂

Ambiance: 8 – Beautiful, open, bright studio. Small, but they make the most of the space. Plenty of lockers to put your things.

Will we be back? Yes! Already been back once and debating getting the unlimited membership….will keep you posted!

Peachtree Roadies Barre3


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