Recipe for Happiness – Mine is Simple

I met a friend for margaritas and cheese dip recently (which is not worthy of a blog post since I do that several times a week without fail) and we got to talking about our recipes for happiness. To be honest I was talking about it and pretty much forced her into discussing it at length with me. I’m at such a fun stage in my life right now – I have an amazing marriage, tons of fantastic friends, a job I really enjoy, etc. I love being in the way back half of my 20s, and really feel like I have hit my stride. So I’ve been doing a bunch of reflecting to try and drop bread crumbs for those inevitable difficult times when you need a reminder of how to find your happiness.

For me, my recipe is pretty simple:

  • At least one date night with Stripes every week
  • A consistent & enjoyable workout routine
  • A chance to talk to my parents at least once a week (and my busy brother as much as possible)
  • A fun vacation in the works
  • Plans with girlfriends on a couple weeknights – and a Peachtree Roadies meeting w/ Kelly, of course!
  • A balanced, but challenging, job I enjoy going to everyday
  • A healthy diet with a couple splurge days
  • Time with my pup, Bocephus



Right now, I feel like I have that. Every once and awhile one of those elements will get out of whack. It’s been way too long since Stripes and I have been on a vacation that isn’t a wedding (we fixed that – Bermuda here we come!) Every once and awhile my #roadtofitness takes a wrong turn (getting back on the horse on Monday!) But overall, I’ve been following the recipe closely and the results are good!


My friend had a similar recipe for happiness. She is probably my friend who goes on the best trips the most often – so whenever I have the chance to meet up with her my wanderlust goes into high gear, which I love. I have another friend who is fantastic at making time for her girlfriends, and she helps to remind me that a fun dinner with friends can be way more important than hitting up a barre class or going for a run. Another friend works really hard at her job, and is putting her career first right now as she flies up the ladder – go, girl go! All of these influences help me keep on track and remind me how important each piece is. I know my recipe will keep changing as I do – but that keeps things fun and interesting.


Breadcrumbs, my friends. Breadcrumbs. What are yours?

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