Beer Carnival – Clowns and Mistreated Animals Not Included (thank goodness)


In Atlanta there is stiff festival, event and activity competition on spring and summer weekends. There is literally ALWAYS something to do. So the question isn’t what SHOULD we do – it’s what should we miss out on. Which basically boils down to “which event has the best drinks.” So when we got the invitation to check out Atlantic Station’s Beer Carnival our decision was basically made for us – and it didn’t disappoint.

This was the 5th year for the beer carnival and, unlike other festivals we’ve been to, there were no kinks in the system. The beer was FLOWING, there were hardly any lines, plenty of bathrooms and water and ample space. We were seriously impressed. It didn’t hurt that the weather was absolutely PERFECT either.

They had more than 100 different beers for us to sample – which, for you math challenged, means that’s nearly a beer to sample every 2.5 minutes – although thankfully we didn’t take that challenge.

One of the highlights was meeting Kayla from Starr Hill Brewery. If you guys haven’t tried this beer you are seriously missing out. When Kelly saw their tent we dropped everything (except our glasses) and made a b-line for The Love (which is a Hefeweizen by the way.)


Starr Hill was a staple at UVA, where Kelly’s B went, which makes sense because the original brewery was in Charlottesville, VA (they moved to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains as they continued to grow.) My favorites are The Love and Starr Saison (seasonal) but I still have a bunch to try!

Other moments of awesomeness include meeting a giant, drunk chicken who sells wine, FINALLY scoring UBER sunglasses for Kelly (she pouted for hours when they ran out at Bacon Fest) and trying an alcoholic ginger beer called Crabbie’s. It was the first time I had seen this stuff – and it’s really good! Super refreshing. Would make a great lake or beach beer.


We can’t wait to go next year! See you there!

We were invited to attend this event for free as media – but the awesome review is unbiased! It was a great time!



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