FlyWheel/FlyBarre Midtown Opens its Doors (Road to Fitness, Chapter 11)

Peachtree Roadies FlyWheel Midtown

You all know about the FlyWheel/FlyBarre locations in Buckhead, but in case you’ve been living under a fly-rock, they just opened their latest Atlanta location in Midtown. Brian and I checked out one of the free preview classes last weekend (along with everyone else in Atlanta) and it was his first FlyWheel class ever. Our instructor Aleah Stander was INTENSE, but in a good way that made you feel bad if you didn’t do what she said! I can’t find her bio on the Atlanta site, so I’m assuming they brought in their big guns for the preview days (and she really had guns). Well, mission accomplished with Aleah – she had us sweating as soon as our feet hit the pedals.

Peachtree Roadies FlyWheel Midtown

If you haven’t yet checked it out for yourself, here’s the #RoadieRundown on what to expect:

Google Map it: The new studio is located on the ground floor of the Regions Plaza office building on the corner of 14th St. and W. Peachtree (1180 W. Peachtree to be exact).

Peachtree Roadies FlyWheel Midtown

Park-it: With high-rise buildings in Midtown come high-rise parking decks that add another 5+ minutes to your door-to-door route calculation. FlyWheel validates your parking for two hours (nice!) if you park in the deck behind the Regions Building on Spring Street. Thankfully they had all sorts of signs up directing people to the studio on the preview day because we had no idea where we were going. I have bad luck in general with parking decks (remember our experience with Exhale?) and always manage to get turned around, so the parking sitch is a definite con for me on the new locale.

Peachtree Roadies FlyWheel Midtown

Digs: The new FlyWheel studio is HUGE, it fits way more bikes than the Buckhead studio (I believe about 50ish vs. 30ish), but still has the same FlyWheel feel with no lights, heavy sweating, and mirrored walls. The FlyBarre studio seemed comparable to the Buckhead location, but there might have been an extra mat space or two squeezed in there. The overall space feels larger than the Buckhead studio, and good thing, because it was packed on preview day!

Peachtree Roadies FlyWheel Midtown

Extras: Compared to the Buckhead studio, there are lockers for days, and you have to enter your code twice before it takes (I overheard some Buckhead-studio regulars who were really agitated by the two-time code entry…it’s only 4 numbers, it will be okay…). And there are SHOWERS! There are four for guys and four for girls – a must if they want to compete with their Midtown buddy Exhale. They had also stocked the showers and sink areas with products, so you don’t have to lug every little thing with you to the gym. They also have the same free towel service – you may want to grab a couple before heading into the studio – and filtered water system as the Buckhead studio.

Peachtree Roadies FlyWheel Midtown

Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills: Yes, FlyWheel/FlyBarre classes are still expensive and they aren’t running any opening specials. Shocker, because they really need to build up their client-base in Atlanta (not….). Maybe with the new location, “Flyers” will disperse between the two studios, and classes won’t fill up so quickly?! Wishful thinking perhaps.

It’s a shame that FlyWheel is so darn expensive, because even with the parking deck challenges, the new location is actually closer to my house than the Buckhead location, but I just can’t justify the cost to visit that often.


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