Foodie Favorites: Lunches

I tend to be a creature of habit, but in phases, especially when it comes to my lunches. For example, a year ago, I consistently ate sliced turkey or chicken on whole wheat or multigrain sandwich thins for lunch. Everyday. I would add cheese or hummus, or tomato and spinach depending on what I had on hand for some variety, but the core sandwich remained the same. In the afternoon, I would make a snack of 0% fat plain Greek yogurt with a handful of granola (or low-sugar cereal) and fresh fruit (any sort of berry usually, but sometimes peaches, apples or bananas). And that was what I ate pretty much every day at work, until I got sick of it.

For the last six months of so, I have been on a salad-kick. But not just any salad – Witty & Pretty’s KALE salad – although I do buy the bagged salad. I mean, who has time to cut up the whole bunch?! I try to eat it 3-4 times a week for lunch, usually with pine nuts, goat cheese, and dried cranberries. I add whatever meat or veggie topping I have available, usually chicken or veggies leftover from dinner the night before. [Side note: veggie burgers make great toppings when you don’t have anything fresh. They add a little “meat” to the salad.] Then, in the afternoon, I have gotten lazy, and just eat 0% fat flavored Chobani (blood orange is my fave!). I stock up whenever there is a 10 for $10 special at the store, because they usually don’t expire for awhile.

Peachtree Roadies Chobani

I am about to get into a rut with this routine however and it’s almost summer so I am already craving fresh fruits and veggies and cold things, like gazpacho, since it gets so ungodly hot down in these parts. I am eager to try some of these great Greek yogurt ideas from A Beautiful Mess to change-up my snacking though. And I have never tried the cold oatmeal trend, but that could also make for an interesting snack or breakfast in the summer. As for main lunch courses, I’m at a loss.

I need your help! Do I go back to the sandwich routine? Or is there a new “it-salad” I need to try?! What are your favorite go-to healthy meals for lunch? We would love to know!

Happy Lunching!



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