Dove Comes Out w/ a Beauty Patch – And it Ruffles my Feathers


(Credit: DoveUnitedStates/Youtube)

(Credit: DoveUnitedStates/Youtube)

Have you guys seen the Dove Beauty Patch ads making their way across the interwebs? If not, here is a brief recap: “leading psychologist” Ann Kearney-Cookeruns tells a group of women the RBX patch from Dove is a new “revolutionary product” that will increase their confidence just by wearing it for 12 hours. It looks like a white Nicorette patch – which I found a little weird. Spoiler alert: the twist is, and you probably saw this coming, it’s a placebo. There is no magic to the patch. It was put on there to trick them into liking themselves and relying on the patch to feel more beautiful.  Umm okay?

This ad is coming on the heels of Dove Beauty Sketches, which I absolutely LOVED – (if you haven’t watched it please do – it’s wonderful) – and I get what they are trying to do. But for me this one really missed the mark. We don’t need to trick each other into feeling “beautiful,” right? Yuck. That doesn’t really sit well with me. Honestly, I’m shocked these women fell for the trick, but I guess when you put a brand name like Dove behind it you assume they aren’t going to pull a stunt – clearly that’s not the case. But I can’t deny that I felt like the women seemed kind of…dumb? gullible? I’m certainly not saying that they are – but I just don’t think it was a very nice thing for Dove to do and it didn’t paint them in the best light. Maybe that was part of the impact?  Kelly also noticed it looks like everyone got a makeover at the 2 week mark – which is a good observation and a little suspect.

I’m not trying to rage against Dove. I actually applaud them for what they are doing here. But this chapter of their campaign really left me with a pit in my stomach. Am I being too nuts here? Missing the point? Opinions seem mixed right now, but let me know what you think.

Twitter said this:

Dove Patch - Twitter

Dove said this:

“All of the women who participated in the experiment feel that it was an extremely positive experience empowering them to be far more confident about their beauty, inside and out,” Jennifer Bremner, Dove’s director of skin cleansing, told in an email. ”The Dove: Patches campaign was designed to evoke conversation about how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. We believe it is an empowering call to action.”

We say: #PeachtreeRoadiesNOTapproved


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