Smooth…ie Operator


Smoothies are a breakfast staple for team Daws these days. Stripes, who is a creature of habit, could eat the same meal, at the same restaurant, every day of the week. The man loves a routine. And a couple months ago breakfast smoothies started appearing on the morning roster as consistently as Tim Riggins did for the Dillon High School Panthers. #TexasForever

Before our homemade version came to be Stripes was hitting up his local Highland Bakery every morning for a super expensive, less healthy/fresh version. Not only did the price add up, but so did the added sugar and calories. Luckily, his wife is crazy about him and jumped to action to help improve his morning, his life, and the life of generations of Daws to come.  Mmkay. Are you tracking?

We are still in the beginning phases of perfecting the smoothie, and have hit a couple bumps along the road (I may have burned up the motor on our last blender – whoops) but I’m pleased to say we are making some serious progress. And in true 20 something female traition I purchased myself a gift to celebrate that progress! Enter the NutriBullet 900 Series. TA DA!!!


I tend to buy based on product reviews, and this gem had four stars on Macy’s and Amazon – a very good sign. Plus, I’m a sucker for hype – and this one basically has Nicki Minaj as its hype girl. This bullet has 25,000 RPM and 900 watts of power! Let me know if that means anything to you, because it doesn’t to me. But those numbers seem high and the girl on the website was super jazzed about it. Good enough. Plus, I’m hoping Barrett doesn’t notice this credit card expense because it’s camouflaged using the word “bullet” – a common purchase in the Daws household (burglars beware!)

So far, I absolutely love it! It’s super easy to use and clean. It also came with a nice recipe book which I probably need to pour though. Until now our mixes have been pretty simple. Barrett refuses to have anything green in his – so I just mix whatever fruit we have on hand (usually strawberries, peaches, pineapple, cherries and banana) with half water and half orange juice. For mine I add in raw spinach or kale (sometimes both) and Greek yogurt for added protein. We always drink them out of Tervis Tumblers – wouldn’t imagine any other container!

If you have any recipes you love PLEASE share them with me! I’m trying to be more create and could use all the help I can get. Would love to know what’s in your smoothie 🙂


We were not compensated by Nutribullet for this post. I’m just really that obsessed…


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