Vamos on Over to Valeo: Road to Fitness, Chapter 10

Peachtree Roadies Valeo

Do you like dancing to work out? Do you like hula hoops? Do you still get excited when you hear Gangnam Style on the radio? Well then you MUST check out Valeo Dance and Fitness Studio in Buckhead.

My sister told us about Valeo and thought it would be a good class to add to our #roadtofitness mix! It is all about having fun while working out your entire body mostly through dancing in intervals. Dancing at weddings totally counts as working out too, right?

Peachtree Roadies Valeo 1

From the website: ValeoFit1000 is the ULTIMATE DANCE FITNESS workout that focuses on healthy weight loss & stress relief that allows you to burn up to 1000 calories in one hour, tone your entire body, strengthen your core and define waistline while having fun! Based on over a decade of research on different muscular structure groups, Valeo’s highly experienced team of medical and fitness experts have created a fitness method that can transform any problem area or body type by targeting small muscle groups to create lean toned feminine body in a way that does not create bulk.

The studio is located within the Family Life Center on Peachtree Road and you just have to check in at the front desk and head on up to the studio. There are definitely no frills, but the place is very family-friendly (I can see this being perfect for moms who want to drop their kids off to swim/play and get in a quick Valeo class at the same time).

Peachtree Roadies Valeo 2

The queen of Valeo, Asiya Khasnutdinova, is absolutely adorbs and gave us the run down before we got started. There are about 8 intervals that consist of a couple of minutes of stretching, dancing and ab work, with a quick break in between to rest and get some water. The first few intervals were totally manageable and we learned a few new dance moves, but the fun came with the hula hoop round.

To be fair, I haven’t hula-hooped in years, but OMG, the 3lb-weighted hula hoops were a killer. And we are officially hula-hoop challenged, because our hoops kept falling to the ground and we definitely gave the ladies around us a good laugh. My hips were sore for DAYS after that and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t have any bruising. At least they make for some cute pics though.

Peachtree Roadies Valeo

Peachtree Roadies Valeo

image (76)


After we recovered from the hula hoop situation, what does little Asiya turn on, but a little Psy Gangnam Style! Meg and I were grinning from ear to ear and exchanging the “is she serious right now?” and “I am secretly excited about this!” glances to each other. Let us know if you need talent for your next dance party – we are available.

Once we were all said and done, I am not so sure we quite burned the 1,000 calories as advertised, but it’s nice to think we did. Everyone in the class was super nice and I got the sense they were Valeo regulars. It was a mix of younger and older women, and those ladies could definitely move! Asiya teaches all the classes so it definitely has that community feel; however, the times are definitely limited. There is usually one class a day and it’s in the evening between 7-8ish. I personally like the later class time because it can be such a rush to get to a 5-6pm class right after work, but for some people this schedule might not fit.

Peachtree Roadies Valeo

Pricing: The first class is complimentary (holla!) and pricing is very reasonable compared to some of the other places in town with memberships starting at under $100 per month!

Single Group Drop-In Class $20
Monthly Unlimited Membership for 1 Year $60/Month
Monthly Unlimited Membership for 6 Months $72/Month
Monthly Unlimited Membership for 3 Months $84/Month
Monthly Unlimited Membership for 1 Month $99/Month
Single Private Lesson (Fitness or Dance) $80/hour

Location: 7 (Literally in Meg’s backyard, so A+ for convenience, but class times are a little limiting.)

Instructor: 8 (She was amazing! So much energy and pizzazz to boot.)

Workout: 5 (The toughest part was the hula hoop (if that tells you anything), but it was definitely fun and we got our heart rates up!)

Ambiance: 4 (The people are nice, but there is nothing fancy about this place. Again, I think this could be a great option for moms with kids who want to multitask their workout while their kids play.)

I’m not sure we’ll be back to Valeo anytime soon, but if you’re interested in incorporating dance into your workout routine, you should DEF give Asiya’s class a shot!


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