Foodie First Look: Lotta Frutta

Peachtree Roadies Lotta FruttaI apparently have been living under a rock for the last few years, because I JUST visited Lotta Frutta for the first time recently. #fruttafail

Peachtree Roadies Lotta Frutta

After rockin’ the kettlebells at Condition Kettlebell Gym (post coming soon!), Meg and Amanda suggested stopping off for some fresh fruit at Lotta Frutta before heading over to BaconFest. Might as well pretend to be healthy before devouring strips of bacon all afternoon, right?

Peachtree Roadies Lotta Frutta

First of all, I LOVE the exterior of the little shop. You can’t miss it if you’re driving by with the bright colors, and they have little tables and chairs set up on the sidewalk if you have time to sit for a minute. The vivacious Chi Chi took our order with flair for sure! He was even sweet enough to let us snap a couple pics.

Peachtree Roadies Lotta Frutta

The ladies ordered smoothies and fruit cups and I went with a fruit cup and a sandwich. The sandwich bread was the real winner – just a tad sweet and grilled on the outside – and smothered inside with turkey, Havarti, avocado and tomato. (Note, the turkey-Havarti combo isn’t actually on the menu, but Chi Chi was nice enough to oblige with my request.)

Peachtree Roadies Lotta Frutta

We of course wanted to know all the deets about how they get their fruit so fresh, and he told us that he is from Cuba and is used to having fresh fruit on the reg. We all know that Georgia isn’t exactly the mecca for fruit (minus peaches that is), so he special orders his fruit so it’s #sofreshandsocleanclean, and they let the fruit ripen accordingly in their shop before serving. Makes sense why the fruit is so pricey (grande fruit cups run between $5.50-$6.25), but it’s way easier than buying a bunch of different fruits at the grocery store and cutting everything up, then eating it all before it goes bad… Plus, they serve their fruit cups with a sweet little umbrella, right out of a daiquiri 🙂

Peachtree Roadies Lotta Frutta

If you haven’t been, stop by the next time you are in not-th-best-mood and they will be sure to cheer you up with fruit and flair. If you are already a frequenter, why haven’t you insisted that I try it out?!

Peachtree Roadies Lotta Frutta


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