#AdultSpringBreak – Part 2: Sun, Fun and Rum in St. Croix

Peachtree Roadies STX Airport

After waking up at no-joke 5:20 am to get to the San Juan airport nice and early, we arrived in beautiful St. Croix to my Aunt and Uncle’s humble abode. [The house is actually FAR from humble with a ridic view and lovely pool and hot tub, not to mention a little guest house for all of their visitors].

image (30)

Peachtree Roadies STX Pool

We spent the morning lounging by the pool, and then were off to the beach in the afternoon, Ha Penny Beach to be exact. There were only a few people on the beach, so we basically had it to ourselves = perfection. We had fun splashing in the waves, enjoying adult orange juice and napping on the beach for the afternoon. Brian and I are also planning to purchase the land and build a resort, so we’ll let you all know how that goes.

Peachtree Roadies Ha Penny

No one in sight for miles!

Peachtree Roadies Ha Penny


That night we played tennis (where Brian and I lost to our lovely hosts in 3 sets, grrr) and had a lovely dinner overlooking the view from their home. And, we didn’t even get sunburned on our first full beach day – success!

Peachtree Roadies Tennis

The next day I was up bright and early for a tennis lesson with my Aunt and Brian enjoyed a round of golf at The Buccaneer. (Don’t even ask how much it costs to play golf on the Island, it’s outrageous.) We met up for lunch and drinks on the Buccaneer beach (where I broke my Lenten promise yet again by indulging in French fries, whoops!) and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of napping, reading, swimming and snorkeling. We LOVE to snorkel, and luckily St. Croix’s water is perfecting clear and calm so you can see lots of sea creatures down below.

Peachtree Roadies Buccaneer

Pre-snorkeling drinks: the “original daiquiri”

Peachtree Roadies Buccaneer

Brian with the Roseway in the background

That evening we played MORE tennis (if you can believe it) and then enjoyed a low key dinner at The Tavern in downtown Christiansted. I had the best mango beer, which may sound gross, but it was so refreshing. I also am really into blueberry beers, so if fruit-flavored beer isn’t your thing, just disregard. We may or may not have had a couple baby Guinness shots to end the night as well. When on #adultspringbreak…

Peachtree Roadies Ha Penny

The next day we finally let ourselves sleep in – a must on vacation! We lounged around and eventually made our way to their beach club in Frederiksted for the afternoon. Not before stopping off to pick up Roti from Singh’s. #bestrotiever. Not so good on the beach bod though. [Side note: We are currently on the hunt for a good roti spot in Atlanta, so let me know if you have a place!]

Peachtree Roadies Singh's

Peachtree Roadies Roti

After a few homemade rum cocktails on the beach, we “tipsy” snorkeled over to the pier (which you can only do on non-Cruise ship days) and saw turtles, sting rays, starfish, a ton of fish, and best of all two barracuda. I kinda freaked when I saw the first one because my aunt was pointing to something, so I swam right over to see what it was, then let out a little scream under the water when I realized I was just a few feet from it. Those things have TEETH!

Peachtree Roadies Bingo

We had to pack up a little early to make sure we were back in time for DISCO BINGO at the Tamarind Resort Deep End Bar. On that note, I will leave you in suspense of our disco bingo adventures until next time!



3 thoughts on “#AdultSpringBreak – Part 2: Sun, Fun and Rum in St. Croix

  1. Don’t forget to mention you were delightful house guests. Fun, sun and rum kept you happy!

    Sent from my iPad sitting under a palm tree.


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