Torture Devices Operated by Really Fit Southern Bells (Road to Fitness, Chapter 8)


Engraved on a bronze plaque and mounted outside the Stellar Bodies studio in Atlanta is “Give me your tired, your fat, your huddled masses yearning to look good in a bikini, the wretched refuse of your skinny jeans. Send these, the out of shape, tempest-tost to me, I’ll kick their butts and make them sore for a week!”

Okay, not really. But I think that’s a brilliant idea (I’ll let you know where to send the check for my services, Amy Selig) because it’s true and people should know it before they walk in the door. This place takes no prisoners.

The gym itself isn’t anything to write home about from the outside – but the inside is great! Lot’s a wonderful light, clean, cool – doesn’t leave you wanting for anything. It doesn’t have the amenities that an Exhale Spa has, but that’s not a huge deal because the workout is worth it.


When you walk in the first thing you will notice is the line of torture devices along the wall and the EXTREMELY fit women doing circus routines on them. Don’t be intimidated. Or DO be intimidated, but don’t run out the door. These devices (which are called the Megaformer) are there to torture you, and torture you they will, but you will want to send them a nice Crane ivory, embossed thank you note when you’re done – because the Megaformer performs miracles.

Lynn Goldstein, our instructor, is a force. She is one of those instructors who is SO nice you can’t even get mad that she is KILLING you for an entire hour. In the South this skill is an art form – and her art could be displayed at any gallery in the U.S. as far as I’m concerned. She’s incredible and Kelly and I were both so impressed by her attitude AND her passion – President of the Lynn Fan Club right here.

The Megaformer looks like a gothic massage bed, but don’t be fooled. A series of springs and pulleys work together to create different levels of resistance and counter resistance to work muscles you didn’t know existed (and maybe don’t – you will be too sore to pinpoint what aches and what doesn’t.)


The workout is great for both upper and lower body muscles and resembles a circuit training sequence. One of the moves was a plank – which doesn’t sound too terribly difficult – except you have to move your legs forwards and backwards and OH MY GOSH IT’S SO HARD.


Stellar 5

You also work on arms and abs in really unique and painful ways. But the best of the pain is it’s not coming from your joints – which is really important as my 30s creep up on me. As far as weight training goes I think this is the best option in town if you want to be kind to your knees and elbows.


It’s Pilates on steroids and I’m ADDICTED. By the time the class was over I looked like I had jumped in a pool. But we had a blast and the time flew by. The workout is designed to be done 2-3 times a week, which seems totally reasonable. The girl in the picture below is one of the fittest people I have EVER met, and I stalked her after class to get the scoop on her routine. Apparently she does Stellar 3 times a week and then loops in FlyWheel and cardio to add balance. She is my workout idol (if you know her please tell her we say hi! #girlcrush)

photo 4(4)

The pricing packages are AWESOME. One of the best deals in the city hands down. But do us a favor and don’t all start booking at once – we don’t want to be fighting you for a spot on the torture device. We found it first, mmmkay?


Stellar Bodies Price Packages



photo 2(19)

Location: 10 (if you live in Buckhead this location is tough to beat – and parking is a breeze!)
Instructor: 9 (kicked my butt with a smile)
Workout: 10 (totally unique and we were sore for days)
Ambiance: 6 (that’s not really the reason to check this gym out)
Will we be back? You better believe it! Signing up for more classes this week!


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