Guilty Pleasures Part Deux

Awhile back, Meg shared her guiltiest pleasures, and I will completely judge her for her love of mac n’ cheese – I mean, are we 5-years-old? Just kidding friend, but seriously, we all know that Easy Mac is the true mac n’ cheese winner (especially when spiked with Vodka, but that’s a story for another day…).

Peachtree Roadies Easy MacToday, I’m sharing my guiltiest of guilty pleasures, which may not actually sound that bad, but are definitely considered guilty-as-charged in my world.

  • Eating ice cream out of the container while sitting on the kitchen counter. And by ice cream, I really mean Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream (always watchin’ the waistline people). French Silk is my usual go-to, but I won’t pick favorites – they’re all delish. As far as sitting on the counter? It’s a personal preference.

Peachtree Roadies Edy's Slow Churned French Silk

  • The Real Housewives. All of them. (You know you’re addicted too, so this can be considered a guilty pleasure for all.) But my real favorites are OC, BH, and NYC. The NJ crew is always spiraling out of control (which makes for excellent TV), and the Atl crew? Don’t even get me started. I cringe with every episode. As for Miami, they may not even make it to a 4th season. Enough said. And any time I turn on Bravo, one of the seasons is usually in marathon-mode. They really know how to get a girl hooked, what can I say?
Peachtree Roadies RHONY Bravo

Current season: NYC – Tuesday’s at 9 on Bravo

  • Staying up late. This may not sound like a guilty pleasure, but I am usually asleep by 11pm most nights of the week. But, for some reason, when Brian is out of town or it’s the weekend (or when we have snow days), I like to stay up late. I’ll spend my late-night hours reading, watching TV, online shopping, snacking, or just perusing the internet. I guess it’s my “me-time” or something. I’m definitely not in insomniac territory (yet, anyway), but every once in awhile I like to stay up past my bed time.

Peachtree Roadies Latenight


That’s all I got – what are your guilty pleasures?!



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