Chaos Conditioning Part II – This One’s for the Boys

Peachtree Roadies Chaos Part 2

Post-workout posing for pics

A few weeks ago we “tricked” our husbands into taking a Chaos Conditioning class with the man-in-charge Jeff Baird. We signed up well in advance and informed them of the plan, but of course the day before we got the “what did I sign up for exactly?” spiel from the boys. Even the morning-of, Meg and I were exchanging text messages about our cranky husbands who were not particularly pumped about waking up oh-so-early on a Saturday to exercise. We’ve been doing it a lot lately, so we weren’t too empathetic – they can handle ONE class!

Peachtree Roadies Someecards

Let’s just say that Jeff was ready to make us work from the moment we walked into the studio. I think he liked the idea that we were back for more and brought some fresh meat 😉 The class was packed (they allow about 16 max per class) and it was a mix of guys and gals. (Thank goodness – can you even imagine if we had dragged the guys to an all-female class?  We would NEVER hear the end of it…).

We started off with a few quick stretches, then Jeff got right to explaining the 8 impact stations for the day, which included the higher impact kick boxing portion, which really takes the overall workout to the next level. This is also by far my fave – minus the smelly gloves they have available for newcomers. The regulars all have their own, which is definitely the right idea. We ran all over the gym for the 60-minute class half-panting/half-laughing our faces off as our husbands experienced the “Chaos.”

The night before, Jeff and team held Club Chaos at the studio, which is a workout class in a club atmosphere, complete with disco lights and drinks afterwards. Did you say post-workout-drinks? Sold! You can stay up to date on all their events on their Facebook page. He turned on the disco lights at one point during our class to give us the full effect (that’s what the crazy lights are in some of the pictures – it’s not my bad photo skills!).

Peachtree Roadies Chaos

I am the second on the right in blue getting beaten up by the punching bag

Peachtree Roadies Chaos

The crew mid-run on the impossibly tough non-motorized treadmills

Peachtree Roadies Chaos

Elbow dips – somehow I got shafted to the box in the back (but I’m still smiling!)

We were all sweating profusely by the end, but it wasn’t over yet – oh no, we had to get in some abs. As we started to lay down on our mats, I think the boys were expecting stretchy-stretch time which meant they were in the home-stretch (get it?!). But Meg and I knew better! We had a final round of ab-work. Stripes had the right idea by hiding out in the back of the studio so that Jeff wouldn’t pick on him, so I’m not entirely sure how he made out, but I am happy to report that I was able to hold a plank longer than Brian!  I guess all our workouts are finally paying off 🙂

Before we even left the studio, both Brian and Stripes were complaining about their soreness, and the complaints in my household did.not.stop for days. I get it Brian – you were sore – now you know how we felt after our first class 🙂

Peachtree Roadies Soreness Chaos

But, I can’t give them too hard of a time – they were very good sports about it, and I may even be able to drag Brian back one of these days. If I can convince him to go back, the FABULOUS news about their pricing plan is that if you buy a package of classes, immediate family members can share in the fun – what a unique deal!

Peachtree Roadies Chaos 2

Meg looking adoringly at her wiped out husband  – what a good sport!!

Couples who work out together, stay together, right?!



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