Athens, GA – Suggestions from an Amatuer


This past weekend two of our closest friends got married in Athens, GA. It’s probably coming as a shock to you guys that I’m writing our first post about Athens considering Kelly went to undergrad there (UGA) and is basically a professional when it comes to all things campus.

However, when the cat’s away mice will play (hope you are enjoying the beach, Kelly!) So let’s consider this more of a “this is what I did” post and not necessarily “this is what to do” – because that really needs to come from my better bloggy half.

The Georgia TheaterWe made two stops here, one in the evening to see it all lit up, and once during the day to grab drinks on the rooftop bar. Since I was certainly a tourist, this place was a must. UGA students were on Spring Break, so it was easy to find a seat and order a couple beverages. They were playing a Rusted Root CD (which Amanda had no trouble identifying – #PeachtreeRoadiesApproved) and it was 70 degrees and sunny – so basically it was the best thing ever. The only downside was that prices were a little high (comparatively) and you are definitely paying for the fratty vibe – which is pretty much worth it.


This is clearly the night shot…not the 70 degree patio drinking shot

Mama’s Boy Praise the college gods for this gem. We were in desperate need of grease and carbs after a night on the town, and this place really delivered. We started with the fruit and cheese plate (which was really pimento cheese with a fruit garnish) and I got the meat and cheese omelet with a side of meat and biscuits and gravy. Clearly I went the healthy route, but to each his own. When I plugged this meal into my Weight Watchers app my iPhone basically exploded. The app couldn’t keep up with the number of calories I consumed – what a wuss.



Allgood I’m obsessed with this place. It was hoppin’ on a Friday night, but we didn’t have any trouble getting drinks, finding places to sit, etc. I DID have trouble remembering that the crazy spiral staircase was ONLY there for people to go UP…and had several unfortunate run-ins with locals on my way DOWN. My b, guys. I’m not from around these here parts.



Walker’s Pub This place was perfect for Saturday afternoon beers and people watching. Amanda, Trey and I parked ourselves here and planned our day, rehashed the previous night and soaked in a little sun. The beers were a little more expensive here, but not bad. I remember coming here with Kelly during my first trip to Athens – so it was nice to come back.



General Beauregards – This bar is one of my favorites (and not just because it shares a name with my dog, Bo.) I had my first drink out of a mason jar back in 2008 when I visited with Kelly. It’s also where I got my first taste of Southern frat culture. It’s hard to have a bad time at this bar. It’s also usually hard to remember what happened at this bar given its usual spot in the nighttime timeline.

Clocked Burgers and Fries – Awesome place for a burger and veggie fries. We stopped here for a quick snack (yes, a burger is sometimes a snack in my world) before the wedding and loved it. They just started serving beer (Bells) so that was a plus as well.


Looking forward to my next trip to this college town. Always a different experience.

Where do you go in Athens? What did I miss?

I’m from Ohio, but if I’d known when I was two what it was like down South, I would have crawled here on hands and knees. – Frank Sinkwich



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