#RoadieRoundup: Thursday Waylay

Hi everybody! You’ve made it to Thursday. Congratulations. I’m in tropical Milwaukee soaking up the sun, but you better believe I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to send you my favorite interwebs posts from the week. Let me know if I missed anything earth-shattering (or particularly funny cat videos, of course.)

  • Foodie or not, this bon appetit article has some great tips from Bobby Flay. One tip: this man is all about the spice. “Flay treats vegetables like he does steak—by seasoning them with abandon. His favorite method is a spice rub.”


  • I’ve got a travel bug I just can’t shake, but these people have no idea what that feels like because they LIVE ON THE CRUISE SHIP that goes around the world
  • This fun brunch roundup from our friends over at Supper Club of the South

Image from http://clatl.com

  • The seven most beautiful places on earth to take a selfie. I need to work on my selfie skills, so planning a trip to each location would be a good investment in social media, right?
  • I’m pretty obsessed with NPR’s StoryCorps, and recently I ran across the story Listening Is an Act of Love. It includes a interview between StoryCorps founder Dave Isay and his nine-year-old nephew, Benji. I love what he does so much! It was great to hear what inspired him.



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