Packing for Hot and Cold


I am jetting off to the great faraway lands of New Jersey and Puerto Rico/St. Croix over the next week and a half, and am seriously having packing challenges. (#packingproblems) I will be in NJ for my cousin’s wedding and a visit with the extended family for three nights and four days (where there is a chance of snow on the horizon – blah), then in the Caribbean for 6 nights and 6 days (where it is expected to be 80+ and lovely the whole time).

How does one pack for such a change in temps?! I of course took to Pinterest for some helpful tips and tricks!

Peachtree Roadies_Packing 1

Peachtree Roadies_Packing 2

Now, here is how I packed…I carried on my stuffed-to-the-brim roller board along with another tote bag. I will report back if I was successful after my trip!

For NJ and the wedding: It is supposed to be freezing the whole time we are in NJ – which isn’t unusual for March – and I can tell you I do not miss the months and months of cold weather from living in  NYC. I plan to layer and not spend much time outside while we’re there.

  • 1 dress for the wedding, 3 tops, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes (dressy pair for wedding and flats for daytime – no boots, which may be a mistake, but I didn’t have room!), 1 sweater, undergarments, tights, coat, gloves, two scarves, and ear muffs.

I wore jeans on the plane with 1 top and my coat, and I also crammed my sweater, scarves, gloves and ear muffs into my carry-on to save room in my suitcase. The tops I packed are really light and don’t take up a ton of room, but I may just leave them at my grandmothers to get another time since I won’t really need many long sleeve things for awhile in Atlanta.

Thankfully I’ll be going from cold to warm, so I am banking on my sister bringing my winter coat back to Atlanta so I don’t have to drag it with me to Puerto Rico…

For Puerto Rico and St. Croix: I packed 5 short dresses, 1 tennis outfit, 1 workout outfit, 1 pair of casual shorts, 2 casual t-shirts, 4 bathing suits, 2 cover-ups, 1 pair of flat sandals (black and gold), 1 pair of Sole Society wedges (neutral so will match everything), my tennis shoes, and 1 pair of Havaianas (for the beach). I figure I can re-wear dresses if I only wear them out at night for dinner and can wash the tennis/workout outfits as needed depending on how often we play tennis – hopefully a lot! Four bathing suits may be a little excessive but, we will probably be in them every day we are there and they don’t take up much space!

I fit everything in 1 carry-on – can you believe it?! I did end up gate checking though because my bag was a little too heavy to get into the overhead bin by myself and I didn’t want to be the awkward girl on the plane with the oversized suitcase….The tip of packing shoes on the bottom of the bag was really helpful since I had a lot of shoes to bring for the various events. Then I rolled up all my clothes and laid my toiletries on top.

After this trip, I def need to invest in a new toiletry bag because my poor Vera is on her last legs! With a broken zipper on the bottom compartment and a hole in the second compartment, it’s not really meeting my needs anymore! I have had her for nearly 10 years though, so it’s probably time. Any suggestions for good toiletry bags?!

I will report back after my travels how everything worked out! And I hope to have just enough spare room if I end up bringing a thing or two back with me to Atlanta 🙂

Happy packing!










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