I’m Coming for You, Jessica Simpson

Peachtree Roadies_Weight Watchers

Weight watchers may be losing on Wall Street as weight-loss apps gobble up market share, but they just won my business! That’s right, my friends! First came Jennifer Hudson, then Jessica Simp, and now Meg Daws. If God is willing and the creek don’t rise I will be on my way to a slimmer figure, and bikini season 2014 won’t seem so darn scary.

I’ve decided to go all-in and sign up for the meetings in addition to using the online resource route. How vintage of me, right? For those readers who have been living under a rock since the 80’s, the concept behind WW is that every food has a points value (which takes into account protein, carbs, fat, and fiber) and you have a bank of points to “spend” on the food you eat every day. Eating more points than you are allowed gets you thrown in WW jail, which is not a place you want to be.

Peachtree Roadies_WW

I’ve already started poking around the eTool, and so far I really like it! The user interface is super simple – I just add what I eat (the more specific I can be the better), what exercise I completed for the day, and it lets me know how many points I’ve spent and how many I have left. Easy peasy.

Peachtree Roadies_Weight Watchers eTool

Weight Watchers eTool

The goal WW assigned me is to lose 1.5 to 2 lbs a week – which seems like a lot considering I haven’t been able to do that in the past. But, I guess that’s the point of joining the program! I strongly believe in being accountable to what you put in your body – and this seems like a simple and enjoyable way to do that.

So to kick things off I’m going to share a couple WW friendly recipes I’m excited about trying in the near future!

Weight Watchers 1pt Pancake from KITCHME


Zucchini Fries from eTools



3 thoughts on “I’m Coming for You, Jessica Simpson

  1. I have been doing the meetings and online tools for 6 weeks and still really like it! It has helped me lose a lot of the baby weight. 🙂


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