Working Out Isn’t…Working Out

Image is officially (a little over) one month old!! Can you believe it? I wish we had a ridiculous “I’m 1 Month Old Today” baby onesie sticker we could slap on the cover of this blog…but then we would lose all of our dignity readers. So instead I’m going to talk about how this blog isn’t working (COLLECTIVE GASP!) Before you unfollow us and our stats plummet hear me out. The blog itself is a ton of fun, and isn’t going anywhere, I just want to take advantage of this soapbox & complain about how HARD  working out (consistently) is and how discouraging it is to not reach fitness goals. (Here comes the wambulance… WAAAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAH!)

For most of my life I’ve been a very fit and active person. I love playing soccer, hiking, day drinking while walking etc. I’ve been lucky to not have to worry too much about my weight. That is, until I turned 26, got married, and everything went to poop. For the past 30 days I’ve done a total lifestyle reboot. I’ve gone from a burger and fries (and a milkshake chaser) kind of girl to a healthy salad once a day lady. I’ve stopped drinking on school nights (mostly – there have been several hiccups to that plan) and have hit the gym or the pavement at least four times a week religiously. I do freely admit that I could be MORE dedicated (two workouts a day, ONLY salad, cut out drinking all together) but that sounds like medieval torture to me, so FORGET it. I digress. That’s four whole weeks of dedication and loyalty to kale above wine…and that really deserves a medal. However, my scale and my love handles clearly haven’t gotten the memo because they haven’t budged! What gives? It is SO frustrating to not achieve instant results (unrealistic, I know), and I hate feeling like all of this hard work isn’t paying off. WHY DON’T I LOOK LIKE HEIDI KLUM YET? So I did what any girl would do…I Googled the hell out of the topic to get to the bottom of the issue. Here is what I’ve found:

Weight Loss:

According to At a physiological and hormonal level, changes start to occur in the body instantly after a workout, but most people will start actually seeing results within the first month or two of making regular workouts part of their weekly routine. These results will start small but will improve and become more noticeable as time goes on. (This isn’t reassuring.)

According to When you implement a regular exercise regime, you can see a difference in the numbers on the scale in as little as a week. If you combine your physical activity with healthy eating changes and reasonable calorie consumption, you can easily drop 2 pounds per week, starting at week one. (HELLO – WHERE ARE MY 2 LBS PER WEEK?)

According to Most people who exercise to lose weight and don’t restrict calories shed only 2 to 3 percent of their weight over 6 to 12 months. The reason? It’s much easier to deny yourself 500 calories a day—the amount you typically need to cut to lose a pound a week—than to burn that much through exercise. (Very interesting…)


According to FitKnitChick: Relax and stay the course. Don’t expect to see bigger guns, tighter glutes or a smaller belly until you’ve been consistently and progressively training for at least 4 to 6 weeks. (You do you, girl. But I don’t like this logic.)

According to If you are doing regular workouts aimed at toning (high repetition, light weight: like this), you can see a difference in the form of more muscle definition in as little as two weeks.

Peachtree Roadies_Working Out Isn't 2

The results from my exhaustive Google search are inconclusive. I knew they would be. There is no quick fix for becoming fit and healthy. There is also no REAL amount of time when experts can say you will see results. Which is exactly why I am going to talk to Kelly about increasing our happy hour posts and decreasing our fitness focus (kidding.) But the fact that achieving wellness and developing a rockin’ body are both a long process still brings frustration. It also makes me even more determined to stick with it so that I can eat and drink more without looking like the Michelin Man. Stay tuned for next Monday’s #RoadtoFitness post where I, once again, get my butt kicked in the gym in the pursuit of guilt-free margarita drinking.



One thought on “Working Out Isn’t…Working Out

  1. So sorry I couldn’t shorten up that ‘time to results’ window for you 😉
    But you know, spot on nutrition can do wonders to speed up the process!
    Best of luck and thanks for the shout out!


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