I Used to be a Bookworm


Peachtree Roadies Confession: I used to be a bookworm. I mean didn’t we all? (Please nod your head yes, even though I can’t see you.)

Growing up I used to read all.the.time! Those Book-It Awards from back in the day? I had a-plenty. Summer reading? Nailed it. Road trips? Always accompanied by a stack of books. Then, high school happened, and college happened, and work happened (and reality TV happened….) and reading sort of fell to the wayside.


Over the last few years, I have really only been reading on beach trips and plane rides, or right before I go to bed and then fall asleep after five pages, and then it takes me years to finish a single book….These days, I can’t even look at my iPhone in a car because I get motion sick, much less read a book or magazine. Thank goodness for less-drowsy dramamine. When I do read, I tend to read a series of books. I was obsessed with the Hunger Games series (along with everyone else…) and actually managed to read those pretty quickly! I next got into Game of Thrones, which I have been reading on and off for the last two years – no joke. I am FINALLY on book 5, but it will probably take me until the end of 2014 to finish it – again no joke. [Don’t judge – those books are LONG people!]



A couple years ago, I got myself a Kindle Fire, thinking maybe I needed a cool new device (and Brian wasn’t about to spring for an iPad at that time) to get me back into reading. That was all fine and good, but it was hard to read on the beach, and I couldn’t borrow a book from a friend as easily via the Kindle. I actually ended up buying hard copies of Hunger Games and Game of Thrones along with the e-book versions for some “variety”…don’t ask me why! We recently upgraded to the iPad and I have the same feeling, but maybe that is because I am still reading the same books that I was on the Kindle Fire.

SO, to combat my reading rut, my goal is to attempt to start 1 new book every other month for the next few months. And I need your suggestions…specifically, I need some good, light girly beach reads in my life to get started. You know, of the Mary Kay Andrews or Jen Lancaster or Emily Giffin sort. (Did you hear that Something Blue might be made into a movie?!) Do you have any books you’ve read lately (or in the last 5 years….) that might fit the bill?  Please send them my way! But, please do not send me any recommendations for books over 300 pages – I need to ease back into this 🙂

Yours in reading,



6 thoughts on “I Used to be a Bookworm

  1. Hey, I know you were asking for some light girly reads… but since you mentioned you were working through A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, I thought I’d suggest Roger Zelazny’s short novel Nine Princes in Amber.

    GRRM has mentioned the sadly deceased Zelazny as an inspiration to his works.

    I’ll warn you, although it’s a short book (200 pages of so) it’s part 1 of 5 (but all of them are roughly 200 pages. You could get by selling 200 page Sci-Fi/Fantasy books back in ye olde days when I was getting into reading.)


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