Chasing Dreams in ATL – Picture Perfect


There is nothing more inspiring to me than being around people chasing their dreams – especially when it involves a leap of faith, passion and real talent. Enter Larissa Rene, a Georgia native who went from a stable career as a therapist and nanny (she has her masters in Art Therapy) to becoming a professional photographer overnight. The minute you meet Larissa you get a good sense for her personality – positive, outgoing and kind – and she instantly makes you feel comfortable, which is a very important trait of a good photographer.


Kelly and I were lucky enough to connect with Larissa at the start of her professional photography career, (she penciled us in for a Peachtree Roadies photo session next month – wheeee!) but she has been taking beautiful pictures for YEARS. Her specialty is people, and she has a great knack for capturing uplifting, happy moments (especially on the faces of adorable kiddos) and uses light and angles to her advantage in a style you see from the top professionals in the biz.

When we met up with Larissa a week ago you could read her excitement for this new adventure like a book. She talked to us very openly about how she lets herself feel the fear that comes with this kind of a life-changing choice, but she lets that fear fuel her, not defeat her, and that kind of honesty is very brave. It made me really think about my priorities and things I want to bring into this next chapter of my life as well! If I did a quick Pinterest search about fear and success I would find a million Etsy prints with awesome quotes about one which often times comes with the other, and it’s TRUE.


I’ve thought a lot recently about fulfillment and career. For me, it’s very important that I love my job, (since my career often requires long days and an always-on mentality) but more importantly I need a position that offers a challenging, supportive, positive, drama-free environment and also gives me time to focus on the things that offer other areas of critical fulfillment (family, friends, health, etc.). Larissa went down a couple job paths that didn’t offer the satisfaction she needed, (I’m sure many of us can relate) and she made courageous choices to find a career that DID bring her the joy she knew was out there and available to her. And thankfully, she has incredible talent! Bravo, girl! #PeachtreeRoadiesApproved

Now back to the photos! Below is a quick sample of Larissa’s work (such a talent!) But wait…There is great news for you! Larissa is currently running a Groupon and you can get an hour long session and 15 digital images for $99. Holy cow. Do it. You can thank me later.

larissarenePR (2 of 5)

larissarenePR (1 of 5)

larissarenePR (5 of 5)

larissarenePR (4 of 5)

PLUS – stay tuned to see our Peachtree Roadies photo session with Larissa! We can’t wait!

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