Pretty Fly for a Wheel, Guys (Road to Fitness, Chapter 6)


Flywheel was one of the first gyms Kelly and I had on our list of places to try, and we finally got around to it a couple weeks ago. If you live in Buckhead there is a very good chance that someone in a five mile radius of you goes to Flywheel and is a bonafide addict. Flywheel’s flagship studio is right in the middle of Buckhead, so it’s a great location for both of us.

We went to a Flybarre class about a month ago, so we were familiar with the intense studio vibe already. It’s not exactly warm and fuzzy, in fact it’s pretty intimidating. When Kelly and I accidentally locked our keys in a locker (don’t ask) the lady at the front desk who reluctantly helped us was ANYTHING but friendly. I was shocked. Luckily, that’s the last negative thing we have to say about our experience. The rest was AWESOME.

The check-in was very simple and streamlined. Your biker shoes are ready and waiting for you in a cubby and you can check in on a computer/iPad (avoiding the sour puss front desk lady 😉 ) Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Then it was time for the pain train…


The ambiance of the class is incredible. Our instructor, Richard Shaw, was incredibly nice (at this point he hadn’t kicked our butts yet) and made sure we were comfortable on the bikes and everything was adjusted. The lights were turned off, which made Kelly and I feel a lot less self-conscious and more focused on our ride ahead. The temperature was great and the room wasn’t as cramped as I thought it would be.


The class started off with a “warm-up” that reminded me of the time my brother invited Stripes and I on an “easy” hike up the side of Mt. Rainier in Seattle. Both a painful, exhausting ruse. Richard had us alternate between three positions on the bike (pretty typical of cycling) and between a flat road, light climb and Machu Picchu. There was no point during the workout when my legs weren’t aching and my body wasn’t sweating like CRAZY. In fact, I was sweating so heavily that at one point I start drooling (aggressively) and didn’t notice until it started dripping down my chin. Take that visual and put it in your pocket for a time when you need to feel better about yourself.

Richard did a great job guiding our workout, suggesting resistance levels and RPMs, but it was up to us to spin the knob for more or less resistance on the bike. Ultimately the intensity of the workout was up to us. There was also a torqboard (athlete for scoreboard) at the front of the class that Richard would occasionally turn on so you can compete with others in the class if you so want. The competitive side in me really liked it. It wasn’t as intrusive as the Orange Theory board, but it did keep me on my game.


I don’t think Flywheel will be my daily gym routine. But I think it could be a HUGE asset to an overall fitness program. I do plan on buying a package, but my wallet isn’t thrilled because it’s not cheap. A single ride is $25, 5 rides are $117.50, 10 rides are $225 and an unlimited monthly membership is $220.

Location: 9
Instructor: 8
Workout: 10
Ambiance: 6.5 (lobby – 4, spin studio -9)
Will we be back? OH YEA. It’s a great cardio blast.


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