I Never Leave Home Without…Part I

We thought it would be fun to share the things that we could never leave home without. There are only a couple (we’re not THAT high maintenance, I promise), so even if you’re not interested we appreciate you playing along with us – it’s a short post.

  • Carmex Strawberry Chapstick – Not cherry, not regular, but STRAWBERRY. I order this stuff in bulk on Amazon, so that I have a stash on-hand at.all.times (e.g., in my desk, bedside table, car, purse, gym bag, work bag, kitchen drawer…you get it.)


  • Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Cream – I put hand cream on like it’s my job. I started using this particular type after I came down with a nice bout of eczema a few years back, and the derm recommended I get rid of all my pretty-smelling cheapy hand creams and stock up on this stuff. I’ve been addicted ever since.


  • Bath & Body Works HandiBac in Warm Vanilla Sugar – As you may be catching on, I have dry skin problems. The traditional hand sanitizers do a number on my skin, so this one is great because it’s really a lotion with hand sanitizer mixed in – genius! Thankfully my sister found this stuff for me last year, and I just realized that B&BW no longer makes it! Gasp – I will need to stock-up via Amazon ASAP.


  • Sparkling Water – I’m not terribly picky, as long as there are bubbles, or as the Euros say “gas” in the water, I’m satisfied. I usually go for San Pellegrino (in the glass bottles, please), and am currently loving Perrier Pink Grapefruit in the slim cans.


  • Keys, iPhone, wallet (duh) – Let me know if you leave home without these things on a regular basis…I probably won’t believe you though 🙂

Next up, Meg will be sharing the things she never leaves home without in a post coming soon.



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