Get Juiced – A #RoadieRoundup

This #RoadieRoundup is all about getting juiced. I went through a 20 minute phase a couple months ago where I decided I was going to buy a $300 juicer, head to the farmers market each week for produce and ditch alcohol for six months. When I told Stripes about my plan he looked at me like I just confessed that I want to move to Michigan and buy an alpaca farm (which is a thing they do there.) Sadly, he was right. My slacker nature would never support such an intense hippie dream. But it did launch both of us into a juice craze that we’ve kept up for about three months now.

So, as you might have guessed, this #RoadieRoundup is all about getting juiced. Below are my top three favorite spots in ATL – but let us know if we missed your favorite place!

Kale Me Crazy in Inman Park
300 N. Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


Photo from

This juice not only tops the roundup, it tops our list as our favorite juice spot in ATL. The menu here is extensive! Not only do they serve juices and smoothies – they also have great salads and snack bars. I’m a huge smoothie fan (bring on the fiber) so the fact that they offer tons of smoothie options is a HUGE plus. I really can’t say enough great things. Although I think they may be adding crack, sugar or nicotine to their liquids, because they are addicting. And I’m only partly kidding. Stripes and I are still working our way through the menu, but our favorites have been the Revive juice (his) and the Recharge smoothie (mine.)

The bad news (for me) is that you have to go all the way to Inman Park to partake – and that’s a hike from Buckhead. The good news is that my BFF lives right across the street from KMC – so I will have an excuse to head that way on the reg.

These guys claim “the more nutritious the juice is, the more clean-tasting, crisp, and refreshing it will be.” I guess I will have to keep going back to be sure this is true. Bring on the kale and chia seeds, my juicy friends!


Red face post hike – not my best look


Roots Juices in Buckhead3400 Shops Around Lenox Ste 202-A
Atlanta, GA 30326

Roots is a family favorite of ours. In fact, Stripes and his work buddy hit up Roots for lunch several times a week since it’s in walking distance. We’ve tried most of the juice menu at this point and recommend the Green Goddess (kale, apple, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber – I know, not original), Cold Kicker (orange, green apple, kale, lime) and Immune Booster (grapefruit, orange, red apple, jalapeno and kale – YUM!)

This is hands down the best location for us, so it’s going to a permanent fixture in our juice rotation. It’s about as expensive as you can get – a solid $8 for each juice – but isn’t outrageous for the area.



dtox in Buckhead
West Paces Ferry Road between Drybar and Flywheel
3210 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

Kelly and I hit up dtox in the first week it was open, so they were still making the juice in their other location. But they didn’t disappoint. Their selection is pretty similar to Roots – which is a good thing! There is something for everyone – and the juice tastes incredibly fresh. The owner told us they are adding smoothies to the menu in short order (they may even be offering them now – anyone know?) so I’m very excited for that. The price is pretty similar to Roots as well (about $8 per juice) but I’m not sure what damage the smoothies will do to your wallet. Kelly got the Red (see below for ingredients) – a great choice and I got my usual, the Green. Next time I want to try the green with the ginger – yum!

dtox’s big thing is the 3-day cleanse, and I’m debating trying it! It’s pretty expensive, but I’m sure the results would be worth it. Maybe I need to plan a beach trip to give me the push I need…




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