#RoadieRoundup: Thursday Waylay


Welcome to the 2nd installation of Waylay Thursday, my invisible friends! Below are the links we loved reading this week.

  • I don’t think there is any furniture piece more interesting or beautiful than a Bombé Chest. I’ve been bribing begging threatening divorce discussing the merits of this piece with Stripes for years, but have yet to convince him that we need to mortgage our house to buy the one I want. I can’t believe he isn’t more supportive. I mean, The word bombe means, literally, ”bomb-shaped.” He loves war movies and explosives – so shouldn’t this one be in the bag? OneKingsLane wrote a great post on this design icon.


  • Pretty Plain Janes (an amazing team of bloggers from Columbus, OH – my hometown) put together their top nail polish picks for spring! I’m loving Paloma (a grey/blue color), Cayenne and Sand!
  • MUST HAVE APP! Genius Scan: This App turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner. It enables you to quickly scan documents from your phone and allows you to email the scans as JPEG or PDF and then print them at your leisure. Bonus perk: I have a friend who will remain nameless (Mandy) who loves to scribble really important notes on her whiteboard and then leave the office without writing them down. This app takes that crazy plan on the whiteboard and works its magic to capture it for you (her) without glare or size issues. So if you know a Mandy (or you work for one) do yourself a favor a download this stat.
  • These words of wisdom from Elsie de Wolfe, a great decorator. “Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.”
  • This blog post from the amazing Nany’s Klozet that gives us a glimpse into how TRULY AWFUL fashion bloggers dress when at work. Much love, Nany…but you look like you just came from Dybar after a quick stop to see Kim K’s makeup artist. Girl, bye. (But you look fab, Nany. Go ahead.)
  • Olympic hottie athlete Gus Kenworthy rescued a litter of stray puppies from a mountain village near Sochi and refuses to leave without them (AWWWWW!) According to the Associated Press he had to stay in Sochi a little longer (yuck!) due to delayed paperwork for his pups. Get those fur babies some passports and get them out of there!
  • Just woke up? Drop the spinach and chia seeds and pick up that bottle of Chardonnay, ladies! Mrs. Lilien’s Boothie is the new smoothie. And it’s not just for weekends. Well, it may just be for weekends – your call. But don’t send your employer my way if you are tipsy at the keyboard. The-Boothie



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