#RoadieRoundup: What We Ate During the Atlanta Snowpocalypse


With all this crazy snow and ice in Atlanta this winter, we’ve spent more days cooped up in our house than we’re used to (and we have been through some very bad NYC winters and a hurricane, so this is kind of new for us.) In NYC, nothing ever really shuts down, including the poor seamless delivery guys, so we never really had to “stock up” because we could always just order-in or walk across the street to our favorite bagel place

Last month’s #snowjam happened so quickly there was no trip to the grocery store to prepare, so we had to make do with the supplies we had and finally walked the 10 miles through snow and ice 1/4 mile to our neighborhood Waffle House when we desperately needed to get out of the house. This time around, we made 2 trips to the store in advance of the storm to get “supplies” and I decided to take the opportunity to try out some Pinterest recipes that had been on my list for awhile. (Some turned out better than others…and that’s what we’re here for – to share the #pinterestwins and #pinterestfails.) Enjoy!

Here is what we ate during #snowjampartI:

  • Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken – This recipe seemed too easy to be true, but it wasn’t! I didn’t have any corn, so we had to make do without, and it did turn out a little dry. I think you really need the juice from the corn to make it a little more moist, but it was delicious served over rice with some cheese and tomatoes on top. And, it made a few meals for us while we were snowed in, which was nice!

PeachtreeRoadies_CreamCheeseCrockPotChicken PeachtreeRoadies_CreamCheeseCrockPotChicken2

  • We also drank a lot of vino – my personal favorite right now from NakedWines.com: Kid Cab. (more on NakedWines.com in another post!)


Here is what we ate during #snowjampartII:

  • Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup – I have made this before and it is super easy and an excellent way to fancy-up our Trader Joe’s frozen pastas. We used TJ’s Perline Pasta & Prosciutto this time around, but I’ve also used pesto and cheese tortellini – all good options! It is so smooth and creamy and you can make it more low cal by only using 1/2 of the half & half and replacing the other half with skim milk. We also sprinkle a little parm on top.


Finished Product

Finished Product

  • Slow cooker Italian Sausage, White Bean and Kale Soup – This recipe called for Italian Sausage or Turkey Sausage, which I was not able to track down pre-storm, so we used ground turkey with lots of Italian spices instead. I would probably try to get the sausage next time, because the ground turkey ended up being slightly overcooked, but it worked. We also topped with a little parm and served with warm bread. (Can you tell I have an obsession with cheese? Specifically Parmesan!)



Finished Product

  • Crispy Edamame – I made this for a snack on Tuesday when all I wanted to do was curl up and watch movies all day since it was gross and rainy out. I flipped through the extensive comments on this one before diving in, because many people noted that the edamame just didn’t crisp up like they wanted. I used the edameme straight from the freezer, put down parchment paper, cooked them for way longer than the directed 15 minutes, and turned on the broiler for the last few minutes, which of course set off the smoke detector and scared Louie half to death. Broilers and I do.not.mix. Whoops! The finished product was pretty tasty, but not as crispy as I was hoping and a little charred. (#pinterestfail) I may tackle this one again and let the edamame defrost first. Brian really liked it though. #husbandwin



Check out that burned parchment paper

  • Buffalo Chicken Salad – I made this awhile ago, and forgot how good it was! We are HUGE buffalo-chicken-anything fans, so we made this on Tuesday night in preparation for lunches on Wednesday and Thursday in case the power went out. It is SO tasty and it’s light – you can’t beat that! (#pinterestwin) We added a little extra buffalo sauce for some kick and served this on toasted bread. I added a couple slices of cheddar to mine and it was a perfect lunch. I love that you can whip this up the night before and have it ready to go for lunches. It’s also tasty on greens for a salad if you want to go a little healthier.



A closer look

What did you all eat during the snowstorm?! Any good recipes you’d like to share?



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