Valentine’s Day is for the Dogs


On the day after Valentine’s Day, Meg, Bocephus, Brian, Louie and I attended the Westin Buckhead’s Puppy Love Party benefiting the Atlanta Humane Society’s 1873 Society Club. OMG cuteness! There were so many adorable puppies and some really dressed up for the occasion!



The Westin Buckhead graciously offered up one of their INDOOR event spaces to host probably 40+ dogs and their owners with doggy treats galore, including a dog-friendly fried rice bar. There was a full spread for the doggy parents as well as a cash bar – and we needed those glasses of champs with all those dogs running around, let me tell you.


After about 30 minutes of butt-sniffing, tail-wagging, and plenty of chicken fried rice and treats, they closed all the doors and announced that all dogs could go off-leash. This is where it started to get interesting. As I’m in line at the bar, I look over and there is the sweetest little Westie just squatting in the middle of the carpeted floor and leaving a nice mess for everyone to smell. At that point, the dogs were off-leash, so it wasn’t like the owner was nearby to see what was happening and clean it up, but thankfully some kind soul took one for the team and cleaned it up. Then it was like something out of Bridesmaids – all of the sudden dogs were just peeing and pooping all over the place! It was turning into a sh** show, literally. Then, some dogs started jumping up to snag some people food when they thought no one was watching. Not our dogs though, no sir, they were on their best behavior…


Until, I look over and there is Bo just relieving himself all over the table leg where other dogs had already left their mark earlier in the event. Meg called out to him and he managed to stop himself mid-stream, but then 5 minutes later, we catch him lifting a leg on the back of a woman’s chair, where her jacket was draped. Poor Meg was beyond mortified, but I mean, what did everyone expect was going to happen when we were at an indoor dog park? Albeit, a very NICE indoor dog park! Thankfully the woman was very understanding and didn’t cause a fuss. After that little incident, it was time to peace out.


Louie and Bo left the Westin happy as little clams with new Valentine’s Day bandannas and full bellies.


Not sure if the Westin will be offering to host the event next year, but if they do, maybe they’ll find a nice outdoor space to hold it.

Bo was right at home

Bo was right at home

–Kelly & Meg

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