Experience the West Coast Way of Life (Road to Fitness, Chapter 4)

Peachtree Roadies_WestCoastWorkoutSign

On our #roadtofitness quest, Meg stumbled upon a highly exclusive Buckhead gym West Coast Workout that boasted “training like the stars” and offered workouts for the “mind, body and soul.” Meg called the lovely Tammy Stokes right up to learn more! Anything touting to be exclusive is right up our alley and the chance of seeing a celeb at our class? Sign us up! For a 9am barre class on Saturday? Errr, sure, we’ll be there! [I highly value the sleep-in, so was a little skeptical of the early am workout, on a weekend no less, but Meg convinced me it would be worth it!]

A snippet from the West Coast Mission/Philosophy: “We believe that health comes from the inside out and that being fit doesn’t  just mean exercise but rather, treating your body as a “whole being” through a sound eating, active and emotionally balanced lifestyle.”


We parked right out front of the studio on West Paces Ferry (which is directly across the street from that “Fly” place), and walked right in. We were greeted by Tammy’s lovely husband and business partner who introduced us to Tammy’s “West Coast Workout” ways while he checked us in. I couldn’t help but check out her wall of celeb photos while he talked – she has quite a repertoire of clients, like RHOA’s NeNe Leaks. Word on the street is that Tammy also trains some of the celebs who come to Atlanta to film movies.


We also met our fabulous instructor Kristen who explained that every instructor choreographs their own workouts, so you will never have the same experience twice – who doesn’t like to shake things up a bit while working out?! She also shared the tip that Tammy’s yoga class on Tuesday mornings is hands down the best.

We found our places in the front of the beautiful and spacious barre room and prepared ourselves for what was about to happen. Kristen broke the workout into three sections: 20 mins cardio, 20 mins weights/cardio; and 25 mins yoga/barre/stretching. We actually got 1 hour and 5 minutes of class for the price of a 60-minute class! #peachtreeroadiesapproved


Equipment Room

After the first cardio session, we were already dripping, and went on to pick up the 4lb medicine ball for some of Kristen’s signature cardio moves – and they really were signature – lots of hops involved – along with the standard squats, lunges, etc. This next 20 minutes literally did me in and I had to swap out the medicine ball with a lighter weight ball for some of the moves. I really need to get stronger….#roadtofitness in progress! Then we moved to the barre for some ballet-esque moves and finished off with a few yoga stretches. I was definitely huffing it for the majority of the 65-minute workout, but once I caught my breath after class, was feeling very good. Yay endorphins!

They also have a nice shower/bathroom set-up if you’re needing to clean up after class. The studio overall is incredibly clean and very open and airy with high ceilings, so you don’t feel cramped – they have really made the most of the space. Pricing is also very competitive with other gyms in the Buckhead area, so you don’t have to break the bank to “Train Like a Star!” Packages are currently available for discounted prices: 10 classes for $200 and 20 classes $360. Also, if the Buckhead location isn’t for you, they also have a studio in Sandy Springs.

Peachtree Roadies_WestCoastWorkout 2

Sweaty post-class pose with Instructor Kristen

Location: 9
Instructor: 9
Workout: 8
Ambiance: 8
Will we be back? For sure – especially when we need to really sweat!

**And, exclusively for Peachtree Roadies readers: your first class is FREE for first-timers who mention they saw West Coast Workout on the Peachtree Roadies Blog! What a steal – go sign up today! We’ll see you there!



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