Oh, Honey Honey!

I get a kick from beauty products I can find in my cabinet. I like the idea of products that are free from chemicals and straight from nature(ish). That’s not to say I am going to give up any of my chemical packed products I love, but an organic beauty kick every now and then can be pretty fun.

Last week I wrote about my love for coconut oil for your hair and skin. This week I want to talk about honey. Honey is one of my favorite things ever. I put it in my tea, I eat it by the spoonful because it tastes like heaven to ward off allergies and smother my bananas in it. My parents even raised bees for a while in pursuit of this miracle food – which I absolutely HATED because I have a phobia of bees and other flying stingers. The bees were kicked to the curb when an angry swarm attacked my dad and he was covered in hundreds of stings (true story) but my love for honey and HATRED of bees continues.


Have you ever tried a honey mask? If not, you’re seriously missing out. Not only does this mask make your skin incredibly soft and refreshed, you can literally eat the product if you make too much. Or not, you do you. Honey acts as an anti-aging agent (attack those wrinkles, please!), and moisturizer.  Additionally, it contains anti-microbial properties and natural antioxidants which help to protect the skin from sun rays. As a very pale redhead who burns at even the thought of sun this is a huge plus!

The process is beyond easy. Prep your skin by cleaning it with a gentle wash or by pouring boiling hot water in a bowl and letting the steam open your pores. Mix one tablespoon of raw, organic honey and half a squeezed lemon into a bowl and apply all over your face, avoiding the eye area. It’s a little/LOT sticky so try not to touch it or get your frizz hair in it (you can see that happened below). Leave this concoction on your face for 15-30 minutes (or longer really). When you’re done rise your face with warm water & finish with a splash of cold to close those pesky pores. Pat gently with a clean towel and wahlah! A refreshed face that smells like a little slice of heaven.



What you need:
½ Organic Lemon
1 tbsp. Organic Raw Honey
Mixing Bowl

I’ve also heard really good things about adding cinnamon to the honey to help prevent and treat acne. I’m definitely going to give that a try for my next honey facial.


From beautybanter.com


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