February 14th


Oh Valentine’s Day….we heart you so. Well, some years at least. Ever since getting engaged, Valentine’s Day hasn’t been a big priority for me [you’re welcome Brian!]. We celebrated the anniversary of our engagement, then of course we celebrate our wedding anniversary every year, but Valentine’s Day just doesn’t really do it for me anymore. October through January are very big holiday/gift-giving months for us with both of our birthdays and the Thanksgiving-Christmas-Near Year’s Eve holiday rush, so I guess by the time February rolls around I am just out of gift ideas, trying to get healthy after totally indulging for the last four months, and feeling poor from holiday spending.

Last year, I tried to get us out of our sit-at-home-and-order-seamless-rut, by making a reservation at one of our favorite Greek restaurants in the city. Of course, we ended up having to rush to get there in the freezing winter cold, arrived to find a prix fixe menu with none of our favorites included, and seated on top of another couple who had clearly just gotten engaged and were on the phone and texting the whole time (not distracting at all.) After that disappointing experience (and expensive check), we decided we would go back to our low-key Valentine’s Day ways.

Thankfully this year, we are back in Atlanta, and my wonderful friend Andrea and her husband are having people over to grill out on their fabulous green egg, drink some wine, and celebrate her birthday. I am planning to make this or this to bring as a side dish.

Andrea's birthday circa 2010

Andrea’s birthday circa 2010

This means no pressure for us to make reservations (apparently everything good is already booked anyways), fight the traffic to go out to dinner (Valentine’s Day on a Friday in Atlanta = YIKES for traffic), or feel forced to make googly eyes at each other over an expensive meal. [Side note: I ALWAYS enjoy expensive meals, I just don’t like feeling forced to enjoy them on a specific day, if that makes ANY sense…]

I will however, wear something pink or red (maybe a pick from the items below?), present Brian with a nice card and maybe a small gift, and eat a pound of some chocolate, and that will be a solid Valentine’s Day for me!

What are you all doing for Valentine’s Day?! If you have plans in that Atlanta area, where are you going?!

I am trying to get Brian to take me to St. Cecilia later in the weekend! Has anyone been yet? Let me know how it is!



February 14th

My Picks for February 14th

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