Being Present in the Moment


In our increasingly #digitalsociety we often forget to stop and take in what’s right in front of us (and I’m not talking about your computer screen, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.). It’s something I’ve struggled with since graduating from college. In my industry it’s important to always be “on” and available for work-related issues. That’s just the way it is. BUT – there is a healthy way to stay connected, and then there is the obsessive, pathetic, over dramatic way that even the savviest digital people can get caught up in.

One of my goals for 2014 is to actually participate in moments, not just document them for Instagram. So it makes complete sense that I started a blog created to document life moments. Okay? Back up off me.

Anyway, since I’m a complete failure at this concept I scoured the galactic interwebs to gather advice from others who have achieved this goal. Let me know if you have anything to add.

-Meg, signing off. Heading out to go make a moment that I won’t be documenting. Sorry suckers!


Smile at a stranger. “We’re all busy people, but when did we become too busy to smile? Rather than checking our to-do list for the umpteenth time or scrolling through our Twitter stream in a public place, we’ve taken to making eye contact and smiling. The simple act snaps us right into the moment.” – From Clementine Daily

Music That Keeps Us In The Moment. Check out this playlist from GPS for the Soul to help you achieve balance through tunes! According to the Huffington Post: “Listening to music can stop those endless, distracting thoughts. Just hit play and you’ll instantly release some of that stress.”- From Huffington Post

Act Like a Kid. “Sometimes being a grown-up is, well, boring. Yes, you should pay your bills, make your deadlines, and clean your apartment, but make sure to leave time to be a little silly and have fun. “Even jumping on your bike for an afternoon ride with friends will make you feel more carefree,” says Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Add More -Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness” – From

Be More Relaxed, Confident, and Calm. “When you are not scurrying around in a state of high anxiety because you can’t find something, you feel good because you know you are well-prepared for your trip. In that relaxed state, your self-confidence is strong, you are at your productive, creative best, and you know that you can handle any unexpected circumstance that might arise with focus and clarity.” – From Pragito Dove via Huffington Post

Exercise Mindfully. This habit is a powerful one. Much like mediation, mindful exercise like yoga, running, or walking can help us calm our internal dialogue and divert our attention to our body in the present moment. By turning our attention our movements, we are more likely to experience presence. – From blogger Jess Lively

Connect with Those Around You. OK, the verdict is in: Social media makes us shallow, unhappy and jealous of the people around us. Even worse, it has the unintended effect of disconnecting, rather than connecting, us from the people we love. Real social interaction, on the other hand, improves psychological well-being, happiness, and is even linked to greater health and longevity. So put down the smartphone and talk to the person sitting across from you (whether you know them or not). Or if it’s a choice between Facebooking your mother or calling her on the phone, the phone call is definitely the better choice for a healthy dose of social contact.” – Alice G. Walton for



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