Porter (for once we aren’t talking about beer…)

fashion e-tailer Net-a-Porter’s premiere issue of the magazine, Porter,  is being released today! According to the website, Porter is “the fashion magazine for the stylish, intelligent woman of now.” Allow me to translate. Porter is “a magazine that covers fashion you can’t afford, beauty products that won’t work as well on you as on super models, travel to spas and resorts that won’t even let you in the lobby and stories of really pretty people who eat lots of veggies and lean meats.”

I’m guessing a lot of the content they produce will be similar to what Kelly and I create on Peachtree Roadies (which is about an honest a statement as saying Sochi conditions are similar to those at the Four Seasons.)


I’m still a HUGE fan of the printed page. I love getting magazines in the mail. There is something about a glossy that’s doesn’t completely translate into digital form. I’m also pretty obsessed with the practice of merging content and commerce, which is equal parts lame and kind of cool, right? SCIENCE.

Net-a-Porter is a pioneer in this field, and I really respect how they are paving the way for other retailers.I also think it’s incredibly bold for an internet retailer to, essentially, take a step backwards by going from digital to print. In all honesty, I’m not confident this risk is going to pay off. But I’m more than willing to eat my words. Who knows, Kelly and I may be releasing our first issue of Peachtree Roadies the PRINT MAGAZINE next month. LOLNO.

The debut issue is composed of approximately 65 percent editorial content and 35 percent advertising (sounds a lot like Vogue), and will have a print run of over 350,000 copies. The cover features Gisele Bündchen, so you know this magazine is targeted to the everyday, working woman (lie.)  I’m not going to commit to a subscription yet (the new print pub is $48 a year), but I’m heading to my local Barnes & Noble ASAP to purchase the first issue.

BUT WAIT! You can get the Spring Launch issue for only $10 by visiting their e-commerce site! This deal is a Peachtree Roadies exclusive. You’re SO welcome! (Also a lie.)



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