The Importance of Having Girlfriends with Great Apartments

This winter has been a tough one. It feels like January lasted for approximately three years and it will be February for eh, ever? But the good news is that’s not how SCIENCE works! Woohoo!

This cold and long winter has brought along some really exciting things for me, though. Stripes turned 30 (old man alert!), I got to spend an entire week bonding with my Mom and I reconnected with a bunch of girlfriends that I had had been neglecting for way too long.

Girlfriends are an interesting animal. In my early 20s my entire world revolved around my girlfriends. I had the opportunity to work with a bunch of friends (including Kelly!) and spent every weekend getting into trouble with them. Often times there was drama involved, and while it was sometimes fun/exciting when you are on the right side of the drama, a lot of it was unhealthy. Now that I’m inching closer to my 30s the relationship I have with my girlfriends has changed. But not in a bad way. Drama has morphed into really deep and interesting conversations about work, family, goals, etc and hitting the town has taken a backseat to grabbing a glass of wine at someone’s house or taking a Pilates class together. And that’s just about perfect.



Recently, my friend Marg hosted a mini-dinner party for myself and one of my best friends. Marg is a friend who I really look up to. She is a true class act and a heck of a lot of fun. She lives in one of the coolest parts of Atlanta – Virginia Highlands – in a beautiful, historic townhouse that looks like it came right out of Garden & Gun. Her styling is impeccable and her home is perfectly girly and comfortable. It’s a Girls Night mecca.




Before Stripes and I got hitched I lived with my best friend Jordan that I’ve known since college (Butler University, baby!) She has an amazing condo in Inman Park – an awesome, hip part of the city. The condo was decorated beautifully, and was fully furnished when she let me move in. Talk about spoiled! When Stripes and I moved in together we had to make compromises on decorating. I convinced him to move six of his golf posters to the basement in exchange for letting him hang a dead fish on the wall of the office. Welcome to marriage. And while I love Stripes (like crazy) having the chance to escape to a place where the pillows are perfect and pink tone on tone reigns as the color pallet is a real treat.

Cheers to girlfriends! And double cheers to girlfriends with great, pink, girly apartments with nice wine and matching custom pillows!

– Meg



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