Exhale Midtown – Shake to Change (Road to Fitness, Chapter 2)

I’ve unsubscribed from 99% of those deal/coupon emails that clogged my inbox. I haven’t looked at ScoutMob in months. HOWEVER, I still check Gilt City Atlanta pretty regularly and a couple weeks ago a great deal for Exhale Spa popped up. Kelly and I signed up for three classes and hit the gym the following week.


I know this girl looks a lot like me…but this image is actually from Gilt City.

In a past life (before I got married) I was an Exhale addict. I would put on my lululemon uniform and hit the yoga mat at least four times a week. It completely changed my body and I was HOOKED. Before going to Exhale I was blessed with the flexibility of a cow. Not good look. Childs pose? Forgedaboutit. After Exhale I could almost touch my toes without assistance. This, my internet friends, was a HUGE victory. But then I got married, moved to Buckhead, and my love affair with Exhale ended. That is until a week ago when my savasana ended and I was on my way to class (savasana is yoga speak for sweaty nap.)

My key takeaway from this experience is that exercise is not like riding a bike – where if you fall off you can get right back on and continue down the road without issue. If you fall the bike what you need to head to Bloomingdales and buy pants that are two sizes larger, start drinking more on the weekdays, pick up another show (or two) on Bravo and avoid heading back into the studio with your tail between your legs and more jiggle in your thighs. Or you can start a blog and be compelled to squeeze back into your lulus and drag your blog partner into the land of humiliation with you. We all have choices in this life.

My gym review: Exhale is a gym in sheep’s clothing. It feels like a spa, it smells like a spa, it looks like a spa – but once you step into the exercise chambers and they close the doors, honey, you better werk.


We took a couple classes, but my favorite is the Pure Barre class. For those of you who haven’t taken a Barre class before it’s a mix of ballet and aerobics. You mostly use your own body weight to punish yourself provide resistance. It’s an amazing workout. They have different classes (Cardio, Sport, Yoga, etc) so you don’t get bored and you get a nice mix of weight loss and muscle development.  I think what sets Exhale apart from other Barre places in Atlanta is the facilities (spa!) and the instructors. If you visit enough you start to know what kind of workout you are going to get based on who is teaching:

Allie – Motivation city! In our last class she came to our rescue during a particularly challenging set by saying “JT is playing. You can do anything while listening to Justin Timberlake.” Pure genious

Kristen – Positive and energetic! She always has a GREAT playlist and runs around the room making sure everyone is having a good time and working hard. You NEVER regret taking one of her classes.

Brianna – Kicks your butt. Literally. If you aren’t doing the move correctly she is going to adjust you. And it’s going to hurt. But I’m not sure there is a better Barre instructor in Atlanta if you want to see REAL change.

There are tons of other instructors, but I need to watch word count so I’m going to stop there.


In addition to the great instructors the facility is AMAZEBALLS. The studios are beautiful. The music is wonderful. The showers are stocked with amazing products. The steam room leaves something to be desired, but that’s no big deal at all. The amenities are honestly a big part of why I love going to class. It feels like you are treating yourself to a fancy experience each time. The gym is in the Lowes Hotel in Midtown, so actually getting into the gym can be a little bit of a hassle. In fact, Kelly got lost in the parking lot and was almost late for class. It’s confusing, but worth it.

The classes can be pretty expensive if you don’t get a package or a membership. It’s definitely an investment. But if you have the time and money it’s an awesome way to spend it. Your butt and thighs will thank you.



Image from Spa Week blog

Location: 6 (getting into this gym is a hassle)
Instructor: 9.5 (HUGE plus)
Workout: 10 (I could do to this place every.single.day if my body wasn’t currently a wasteland of muscle)
Ambiance: 10 (perfection)
Will we be back? YES!


We were not compensated for this post. And like I said, those classes aren’t cheap. So we mean every word!


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