The Tone on Tone Look

Is there anything more classic than a tone on tone look? Especially a flattering creme, beige, nude combo. Throw in some black for drama – or just stick with a slight variation of one color and you are good to go!
I’m a pale redhead with a pink tone to my skin, so I have to be careful when I’m wearing light, neutral pieces. I also can’t wear a lot of bright green without looking like a Christmas explosion. But that’s another blog post for another day. The key for me is to make sure the piece of clothing closest to my face (obviously I’m not talking about my pants…) isn’t TOO pink. Which isn’t to say it can’t be pink, it just has to be the right shade. Follow me? No? Oh well.
WARNING: I’ve found that light creme or beige pants aren’t always the most flattering choice. I suggest sticking with a heavier, denim material. If you’re really fit and can pull off any pant regardless of fabric or color then good for you. Do whatever you want. You also probably don’t need to be reading this blog. We aren’t THAT desperate for followers. (Actually, we are. Please keep reading.)
Below are a couple of my favorite tone on tone pieces this season. What’s your verdict?
Tone on Tone

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