I’m not going to lie, usually I get super geared up for the Olympics, but this year, I’m just not feelin’ it for some reason…maybe because there has been so much controversy with Putin and Russia, and Lindsay Vonn is out? (She will be a correspondent for NBC though.) I mean, for the 2012 Summer Olympics, I was ALL McKayla.Gabby.Aly.Kyla.Jordyn.Kerry.Misty.Michael.Ryan. and of course Usain Bolt! This year, I am embarrassed to say, I don’t have any favorites, YET…so, if you’re like me and haven’t been following all the pre-Olympics coverage, I’ve put together a little overview, so we can all get caught up before the opening ceremonies on February 7.

Sidenote, I usually love all things Ralph Lauren, but the U.S. team’s outfits this year?  HIDeous…I mean, what were they thinking?  Hopefully they will look better in-person on TV the night of the ceremonies?!  

Image from US Magazine

Image from US Magazine

Alright, now I’m getting more in the Olympic spirit – GO TEAM USA! GO ‘MERICA!




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