It’s Almost Game Time! Whoot!

The big game is only days away! Who will you be rooting for? Just like other fine Americans, Kelly and I are getting our Fantasy Teams ready. My top picks are Ginger, Shyla & Van Helsing – whoot whoot! Oh wait, you assumed I was talking about football. Clearly we haven’t met. I’m gearing up for the PUPPY BOWL X, yo!

Ginger is a 12 week Old English Sheepdog Mix who boasts that “counting sheep automatically puts her to sleep.” While this skill undoubtedly will have its advantages on the field, I think her ability to herd is what’s going to make this lady the real deal.  PLUS – she comes from the Fayette Humane Society right here in Georgia!


Shyla is a 14 week old Great Pyrenees (awwww!!!) Her favorite actress is Melissa McCarthy and comes from the National Great Pyrenees Rescue. Not only is she built like an adorable, fuzzy linebacker, but she gives this look in her team photo that just screams “Well, I’m the best dog in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Sparky, that’s the result you’re gonna get …. Don’t you [Sparky] ever talk about me! Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick.”


Van Helsing is an 18 week old Basset Hound and reminds me of my friend’s dog, Boyd. If VH is anything like the basset I know he packs two weapons – his long ears and his ability to stay low to the ground. At all times. AND according to his profile he learned to waterski from a squirrel. Is there anything this dog can’t do? He comes from the Tri State Basset Hound Rescue, and believe me, he will be one to watch.


You better believe I will be tuning in to Puppy Bowl X Sunday, Feb. 2, at 3 PM E/P to find out how my rock-solid fantasy team fares on the gridiron!

Check out my Fantasy Team and Kelly’s and make your own!


Also, I wanted to give a quick shout out to my favorite rescue organization in Atlanta: Labrador Friends of the South. Not only did they bring me Bosephus, but they have placed hundreds and hundreds of sweet labbys in loving homes. Check them out here: or feel free to contact them for more information at



2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Game Time! Whoot!

  1. LOVE this! I, too, am pumped for the Puppy Bowl! Even moreso than the Super Bowl itself. Thanks for giving our boy Boyd a shoutout! I must say, Van Helsing is pretty darn cute!!


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