Approximately one inch of snow has officially shut down the city of Atlanta and most of the state of Georgia. After spending a couple miserable winters in NYC, I was a little skeptical of the impending “snowmageddon” – I mean really, one inch is nothing people. [insert foot in mouth]

Around 12 noon yesterday, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds starting blowing up with pictures of snow and initial traffic jams, but that was just the start. As the afternoon progressed, the snow kept falling and the traffic jams appeared to be worse and worse. Then, the horror stories of people stuck in traffic for 5, 6 and 7 hours began pouring in. This morning, we turned on the local news to find out that some people were STILL stuck in their cars, hundreds of kids ended up sleeping at their schools because they couldn’t get home, and people were stranded all over the place still trying to get home.

My sister’s boyfriend finally had to abandon his car after 3 hours in traffic to walk/run the two hours home. Meg’s friend was stuck in his car for 18 hours, then walked the 5 miles home….can you even imagine?!

Atlanta just isn’t prepared for this type of weather, we have never been, and likely never will be. That said, here is a #RoadieRoundup of #SnowGeorgia links for your snowed-in reading pleasure:

Meg and I were SO thankful to be home safe and sound and were like little kids playing with our #snowdogs in the snow.


Louie covered in snow


Louie loving the snow

Tanyard Creek Park

Tanyard Creek Park

Bridge at Bobby Jones Golf Course

Bridge at Bobby Jones Golf Course



White on white

White on white


Louie mid-air


Bocephus cuddling up

Bocephus cuddling up

Here is a video of Bocephus in action: http://youtu.be/PrIXT7iTA0c

Stay safe and warm out there Atlanta friends!!

  • –Kelly & Meg

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