Roadie Roundup: Super Bowl Dips

It sounds like the Super Bowl is on (for now), according to The Star-Ledger, which means it’s time to start planning the festivities! Let’s be honest, the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to stuff your face with chips and dip and down those snacks with beer. Oh yeah, and there’s the game and the ads of course. But, we all know the key to a solid Super Bowl party is a ridiculous amount of bad-for -you-food and copious bottles of beer.

We consider ourselves experts in eating dips, so here are some of our favorites (if we can make them, you can make them):

  1. Loaded Baked Potato Dip – We recommend adding hot sauce to taste and serving with multi-grain scoops, might as well pretend to be healthy with the chips. (Thanks to Chelsea who introduced us to this one!)

    Image from Browneyed Baker

  2. Skinny Taco Dip – This dip does not even taste skinny, so don’t get scared, and it’s veg-friendly for those party-goers who don’t eat meat. Scoops (multi-grain or regular) are best for this one so you can dip into all the layers.

    Image from

  3. Buffalo Chicken Dip – You can make this a little more low-cal by using light cream cheese, light dressing, and light cheese, but you may want to add a touch more hot sauce to taste. You can also skip the shredded chicken and use picked apart Perdue Short Cuts instead (that’s what we do). We serve with multi-grain scoops and celery sticks #healthy.

    Image from Frank’s Red Hot

  4. Hot Caprese Dip – For an Italian spin on the Super Bowl dip, you can’t go wrong with baked mozzarella. We recommend serving with a substantial cracker, so you don’t get broken cracker crumbs all up in your dip.
    Photo from: How Sweet It Is

    Image from How Sweet It Is

  5. Baked Brie – Always a crowd-pleaser, and if you’re really fancy, like my 87-year-old grandfather, you can even add a little face to your baked brie with the excess dough.
    Photo from John Batzold

    Image from John Batzold

And if you’re heading to a Super Bowl party and slacked off on making something don’t have time to make anything, we recommend picking up these pre-made dips along with your favorite bag of chips, pretzels or pita chips.

  1. Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus – Kelly’s favorite hummus of all time.
  2. Tostitos Salsa con Queso – The best mix of salsa and cheesy deliciousness.
  3. Wholly Guacamole Spicy – Has a kick, and if you have 5 minutes, chop up some onion and tomato to add a little zip.

We are always on the hunt for good dips. What are your favorite Super Bowl dips?

–Kelly & Meg

Sidenote: This is a neat graph on Super Bowl ad spending over the years. Can’t wait to see the best ads for 2014! We’ll be sure to let you know our favorites.


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