Chaos Conditioning – Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Buckhead (Loved It!)

Kelly and I are on a fitness mission. We are trying out gyms across Atlanta to find the best workout, people watching, green smoothie, etc. Although “health” is the main goal, what’s most exciting is we are now able to justify buying lots of stretchy pants and loose fitting tops so we can blend in with the already fit Atlantans occupying the city.

One of the first gyms we tried is Chaos Conditioning. This gym is right in the heart of Buckhead (HUGE + for us) in a great space right off East Paces Ferry. We picked the “IMPACT” class because it combines their signature “anything goes” interval class with kickboxing (one of Kelly’s favorite workouts when she lived in NY.)


This pic doesn’t really do the studio justice. But I never said I was Ansel Adams so get off my back.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Both of us failed to present an acceptable excuse not to go, so we headed to our death the workout. It’s a great gym – super clean and makes you feel like a total badass. I imagine it’s like a CrossFit gym with air-conditioning and really soft mats. Jay, our instructor, greeted us right away. He was kind enough to explain all of the crazy looking equipment to Kelly and I before everyone got there – which was a HUGE help. He also was strong/fit enough that we knew if we tried to bolt from the studio he could run us down in less than 10 seconds. Honestly, if we were good bloggers we would have included a picture of Jay. But we aren’t just here to bring you eye-candy. Mkay? This is about FITNESS. Try and focus.


Note: This is not how you use the equipment. Like…at all. #fail


The workout was absolutely incredible (I hated and loved every painful minute.) I would consider myself more of a Pilates/froufrou workout girl – so getting my butt kicked by intervals of squats & pushups, TRX Suspension stunts and Woodway Curve non-motorized treadmills was an awesome workout reboot. Don’t know what those things are? Neither did I. That just means you need to go see Jay. Like pronto. There were at least three points in the workout I thought I was going to either vomit or pass out, but Jay could spot a slacker from a mile away, and made sure I wasn’t “modifying too much” aka hiding from him in the corner and rocking myself in the fetal position.

The music was awesome. They have this crazy sound system that blasts a great playlist and flat screens that display really fit looking people and motivating sayings. I’m a sucker for a good inspirational quote – so I was super jazzed.

Kelly and I both want to bring our fellas back to this gym to let them give it a try. There’s nothing like seeing your man wither in pain to spark that lovin’ feeling.



After (lookin hawt):

ImageJeff (the owner and a Columbus, OH native – holla!) and Jay are kind enough to let you sign up for your first class for free – so take advantage. Just don’t plan to do anything for the next day or two because you won’t be able to walk or raise your arms. (


Location: 8.5
Instructor: 10 (Jay Langham)
Workout: 10 (not something I could do all the time – but AWESOME weekly or bi-weekly)
Ambiance: 6 (I only say this because they don’t have showers or lockers – but it’s NBD really)
Will we be back? YES!

Note: The team at Chaos Conditioning didn’t compensate us for this post. We have way too much body fat and not enough muscle mass to rep these guys.


5 thoughts on “Chaos Conditioning – Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Buckhead (Loved It!)

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  3. This was hilarious. I’ve participated in Crossfit before, and besides being extremely dangerous, it’s hard to find a good instructor who cares about you! I wish it was closer to me, this sounds like an awesome workout!


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