Tiki Time

B and I decided to continue the birthday weekend festivities with one of our favorite cocktail spots in the city. This isn’t a spot you’ll find on the typical happy hour roundup, but all the better for being able to get a seat at the bar on a Saturday night if you ask me.

Enter Trader Vic’s at the Hilton hotel downtown. You’re probably wondering ‘what kind of blog is this? why would anyone want to go to A) a hotel bar, unless of course it’s the Regis, or B) to downtown Atlanta on a Saturday night.’ I would usually agree with you on both points, but this place is worth the Uber ride, trust. Side note: you will want to take Uber or a cab – they are not messing around with the strength of the drinks.

Trader Vic's

Trader Vic’s

My uncle, an experienced Tikiphile in NJ, introduced us to the Tiki scene when we lived in NYC. Ridiculously strong, yet palatable, fruity drinks, odd interesting people, and scenery that allows you to escape to the South Pacific on a cold winter night, all make for a good time. We sampled a Zombie, Menehune Juice and Mai Tai (their signature drink) and just barely made it out of there without falling flat on our faces. (You think I’m kidding…) Thank goodness for the pork spare ribs to tide us over before dinner.

Pork spare ribs

Pork spare ribs


Menehune Juice & Zombie

Bottom line – Trader Vic’s is worth a visit if you haven’t been, and while the crowd tends to be either hardcore Tikiphiles or guests of the hotel, it can make for a unique evening – especially after a few Mai Tais.  I also learned they have happy hour on Thursdays with live music, so Atlanta friends, let’s meet for cocktails soon!


The scene Credit: http://tradervicsatl.com/

The scene
Credit: http://tradervicsatl.com/

Note: We weren’t compensated for this post – we just love patronizing places with strong drinks.

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