New Diet Plan – Be Cold. Done.

Atlantans, Northerners and people with bad circulation rejoice! It’s super cold outside – but that’s GOOD news! Why you ask? Researchers at Maastricht University Medical Centre in The Netherlands (mmkay) claim you can shiver yourself skinny. I wouldn’t make this up, people. I don’t kid when it comes to this topic.

According to the docs “simply being colder raises the metabolic rate – the speed at which calories are burnt – by 30 per cent, and shivering can burn around 400 calories an hour as it increases the metabolic rate fivefold.” You may be thinking to yourself ‘self, this seems impractical and sounds like just another fad diet to me.’ If this is the case I suggest you unfollow this blog and look elsewhere for entertainment. Because nothing thrills me like a new fad diet. Especially when they are free and involve no real work. So turn those temps down and get shakin’

For more information about the shivering diet click the link, yo!

Other fad diets I have enjoyed include:

  • Anything Beyonce does:
  • Lemon water (although I just drank the water while I continued eating burgers and milkshakes. Spoiler alert – it didn’t work.)
  • Taking a drivers license photo – which sent me into a dark depression where I could only eat oreos and drink Pom juice for thee days. Nailed it!
  • Exercise – bleh. Such a fad

Thanks for reading! Time to go turn down the thermostat!



Shorts in the snow? Shiver-tastic! Nailed it!


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