Just Put Me Out to Pasture Already

Last night we celebrated B’s birthday. It was a very adult party – we got cheap Mexican food, drank too many frozen margaritas and the birthday boy took two shots of bottom shelf tequila like a champ.

Once we were stuffed to the gills with chips and queso most of the party took off. But Stripes and I refused to let Kelly and B end their night that early. We went to one of our favorite local watering holes in Buckhead – Holeman and Finch Public House (the cool kids call it H&F. Whatever.)


By the time we got there the valet had already quit for the night, so the three of us scrambled out of the car and made Stripes self-park in the freezing cold, dark night. Because that’s just the kind of wife I am.  The drinks? Amazeballs. The company? Obviously delightful. What’s not to love, right? WRONG. The place was packed. Ordering a drink was more challenging than studying for the GMAT (which only lasted for about a week until I learned you can’t use a calculator. Exsqueeze me? Nah boo.) People were everywhere, bumping into each other and leaning over the bar like they were as thirsty as Tom Hanks in Cast Away (I mean, the man hadn’t had a drink in 10 years.WILLLLLSOOOOOOOON!)

When did I become too lame to enjoy an awesome, super crowded bar with fancy overpriced drinks? At one point in the night, after we ordered drinks in the 20 minute limbo it took for them to be served, I even asked Kelly if we should “just leave.” It’s the adult version of ding dong ditch and it isn’t a good look. But I was desperate, so stop judging me.


This, invisible internet friends, is NOT a good sign. I’m not even 30 yet. But age is just a number and it looks like my days of crowded bars and rubbing elbows with strangers are over. Is there some kind of community for people like me? Oh yea, the suburbs. But the only thing I dislike more than an overcrowded bar is the suburbs (I don’t do OTP well.) So looks like I just need to suck it up, order my next French 75 and keep it moving.

– Meg

Atlanta friends – if you haven’t been to H&F add it to your list RIGHT NOW. Don’t let my introvert rant scare you off! The drinks are amazing and the food is to.die.for. I recommend the Farm Egg and Pancetta Carbonara and the Crunchy Gentleman. Also, our bartender (pictured above) was amazing! If you see him make a b-line for the bar! http://holeman-finch.com/

H&F didn’t compensate us for this post. Who do you think we are? Beyonce? We do this ‘ish for free.


H&F lookin sharp. Photo from http://temperedspirits.com

Image from http://temperedspirits.com

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3 thoughts on “Just Put Me Out to Pasture Already

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