Allow me to introduce Louie – aka our little ninja.


Meet Louie

I found a posting to adopt Louie online and it was love at first sight! After a couple long trips up 400 to nowheresville-north-Georgia, a very overbearing foster mom, and a house visit inclusive of photos, he became the first dog member of our family in December 2013.


I love my red & black (go dawgs!) winter coat

Other than being super skittish, a very picky eater, and not a huge fan of men (sorry B), he is the sweetest, spunkiest dog we could have asked for! Until Friday night that is….

We were enjoying a five-star Mexican feast at Taxco with friends and I was totally bragging about how Louie is the best dog and he doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house or chew up anything. We headed home after a few drinks at H&F (thanks Meg and Stripes) ready to hop into bed and snuggle with our puppy, but when we walked in the door something just wasn’t right.

While B tried (unsuccessfully) to get Louie to go out (which is not actually out of the norm for their relationship) I noticed that one of my favorite Sole Society shoes (more on this online shopping site in another post) was scattered on the dining room floor – not even close to where I had left it. Upon a closer look I realized the adorable bow was gone! I frantically searched the house for the other shoe and found it in the den also sans bow and covered in bite marks! LOUIEEEEEEEE!

A few shrieks and curse words later, a very scared Louie is cowering on the couch refusing to go outside. I am now in no mood for his antics and the good thing about having a 16 lb dog is that you can pick him up when needed. With the squirming pup in tow, we are walking to the door when I feel a warm liquid starting to drip down my hands. I sort of drop him on the ground (out of shock that I just got peed on) and B now decides to give it a go. Louie is now just peeing in full force all over Brian, but at least he’s outside now – not that he actually had to go anymore after just gave us both a nice golden shower.

We finally got all cleaned up, but Louie still reeked of urine and I was not about to give him a bath at midnight so he was stuck on the floor for the night. The next day I further assessed the shoe damage and let’s just say that I will no longer be tastefully bragging about my dog and his lack of destructive behavior, and we will be signing up for obedience school ASAP. If you have any recommendations please share them!!



Bath time


What cute bows!

Acting like he had nothing to do with the destruction

Acting like he had nothing to do with the destruction


The destruction – it’s a sad day when good bows get eaten.


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