Our First Post

Our First Post

Hello adoring fans! Thank you all, all three of you, for stopping by to check us out. The first post is a pretty big deal, and we appreciate your invisible internet support.

The idea for this blog was hatched one afternoon on a patio, post-workout, over mimosas and chain-restaurant salads.  We decided that we should become bloggers, and since both of us lack the confidence to face possible bloggy rejection on our own, we would launch one together. We have all the necessary qualifications to make it a success. We both started our careers in PR, have Instagram accounts, understand the importance of good selfie lighting, enjoy restaurants and fancy overpriced drinks, and live for a good product roundup.  We don’t know if it was the champagne buzz, or the fact that our legs were shaking so much from the workout we couldn’t stand, that kept us enthralled in this business plan – but we left determined to launch Peachtree Roadies.

So here we are! Two Atlanta ladies with the noble mission of providing our readers with tales of eating and drinking our way through the country, fitness adventures to work off said tales, cute pictures of dogs and general merriment.

Read our About Us section to learn more about us, where we got our name and what you can expect to read from us. Also, the good news is if we end up falling on our faces I (Meg) can get the nose job I’ve been waiting for.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Kelly and Meg

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